Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bees go on the offensive in California

By Fox 5 San Diego

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A huge swarm of africanized bees attacks two California sisters. They're OK, but their family dog is dead.

It happened in Vista, California. The sisters, ages 19 and 20, returning home with a friend. Getting out of their car. And suddenly - the bees attacked.

"I started running," says Quinn Rodgers, the younger sister.  "We each had our own swarm. Everyone was running and screaming. I'm sure it looked wild."

They got inside the house to safety but not until they'd been stung numerous times. But later they looked in the yard for the family dogs. Finding one of them stung to death - the other missing.

Exterminators were called and went to work. That's when dead bees started falling through vents throughout the house. About 4,000 of them in all.

The exterminators say it was the largest and most aggressive bee colony they've seen.

Other communities are taking down Confederate monuments but one that's stood for more than 100 years will remain in Tampa

By Fox 13 Tampa

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A decision designed to satisfy both supporters and opponents of a confederate statue in Tampa. It follows impassioned comments from people on both sides. But not everyone is happy.

Hillsborough County commissioners vote down a motion to  take down the statue.  But they also decide to put a diversity mural up behind it.

Black Lives Matter's Jae Passmore says the juxtaposition of the two sends an unwanted message to the black community.

"The plan is to put a monument behind a monument still showing that hate is still up front," Passmore says.

But Sons of Confederate Veterans' Phil Waters says the edifice has historical significance.

"This is a monument to our veterans in history," Waters argues.  "How can you learn history, how can future generations learn history if  you're taking it down?"

The Confederate monument's  stood at the front of the old county courthouse since 1911.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

American in Middle Eastern jail for entering the country with pain killers his doctor prescribed

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A Florida man is languishing in a jail cell in Abu Dhabi. He's been there for the past two months.

Now a United States senator is working to get him out.

There for work, Matthew Gonzales was traveling with his prescribed pain medication in the prescription bottle. But the law there says you need prior approval to bring drugs into the country and a copy of the prescription.

His sister, Nicole Denil, has been traveling repeatedly to the UAE to see him. She says, with no court date set,  her brother is losing hope

"The last time the I talked to him he said,  'I'm unraveling,'" Denil says. "'The jail in my mind is worse than the physical jail here.'"

Senator Marco Rubio's office now looking into the matter, hoping to win Gonzales'' release.

Newborn found in trash bag but was it a murder or a tossed out embryo?

Photo by Boston 25 News

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The body of a newborn found in a trash bag outside a Worcester, Massachusetts home, a homeless couple held by police.  But was it really a murder?

The couple was kicked out of the home they were staying in and told to take a smelly trash bag with them. That bag was dumped in the woods and police were called to the scene. They found the newborn baby inside and arrested the couple.

But the woman's attorney,  Joseph Krowsky, says it may not be a dead baby but improperly disposed fetal remains.

"It certainly wasn't a homicide, it wasn't a manslaughter," he says.  "It was just a very, very sad situation that was brought upon this young woman. 

"I think the process is going to play itself out and she's going to be fully exonerated."

But the prosecution believes the autopsy will prove Krowsky wrong and that the two will soon serve time.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Texas man learns to never commit a crime with Batman in the building

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A shoplifter in Fort Worth is busted by the Masked Crusader.

Not kidding. He was actually nabbed by Batman!

Fort Worth police officer Damon Cole dresses up as Batman to cheer up kids with cancer. He was at a Walmart - off duty - in his costume for a safety fair when someone told him a guy was stealing some DVDs. So he jumped into action, collaring the guy. Who was so  impressed by what happened that he asked Cole for a favor.

"I want to get a selfie with you," Cole says the man told him, "'because it's not everyday you get arrested by Batman.'"

Cole took inventory of the loot and to his surprise: "One of the movies he was attempting to steal was 'Lego Batman,'" Cole says.

"You cannot steal my movie, come on!"

Because the value of DVDs taken was less than $100 dollars the man got to go home. But not until after Batman issued him a citation.

He was wrongly convicted, he spent decades behind bars, now he's suing

Photo by Fox 32 Chicago

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A Chicago man who spent 23 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit is suing the lead detective and prosecutors who put him behind bars.

Jose Montanez was released from prison after an appeals court ruled he'd been framed by police officers, including a now retired Chicago detective. Montanez's attorney, Russell Ainsworth says the detective was not working alone.

"Jose Montanez went to prison as the result of a concerted effort of a number of police detectives and assistant state's attorneys," he says.

Montanez believes he's not the only one whose been framed.

"This is what  happened to me," he says, "and it's happened to a lot of other people."

The former detective did not return calls for comment. The city and county are declining comment