Saturday, January 31, 2015

Should we take the forecast of significant snow seriously?

I'm in Park Slope Brooklyn talking to people for 1010 WINS about the forecast of significant snowfall Sunday night into Monday. Many are shrugging it off because the dire predictions about the last snow storm never materialized. But others are stocking up. They say it's better to be safe now, than sorry later.

Multi-alarm fire in Kearny, NJ

Smoke from this fire, in a warehouse under the Pulaski Skyway, forced the big bridge to be shut down. Reportedly tires on fire adjacent to the building, described by workers in an adjacent business to be a commercial auto repair facility, spread to the building. Firefighters from Jersey City and Bayonne among those called to help Kearny firefighters extinguish the flames.

Huge 7 alarm fire in Williamsburg burns for hours

The Fire Department was called out here at 4:30 in the morning to put out a blaze in this warehouse. Which they extinguished within an hour-and-a-half. But by 6:30 - there was another fire. When they got here - this time - the building - which housed tons and tons of paper records - was fully engulfed. It went to seven alarms - and more than 10 hours after it started - it still wasn't under control. Fire officials say both fires are under investigation. It's not yet known if they are related.

I covered the story for 1010 WINS.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

America's oldest knishery is not closing and why that's a story

The Yonah Schimmel Knishery has been in business since 1890 and has been at its famous location on E. Houston on Manhattan's Lower East Side since 1920. A press release and local web news sites have been talking about its demise. Saying the kosher bakery, which has, as its own menue says, been "serving knishes to everyone who wants one" is on its way out of the once-predominantly Jewish neighborhood where there's an assortment of potato, kasha, spinach, cabbage, sweet potato, mushroom and vegetable knishes for sale.

We're not talking about those thin street vendor fried knishes. We're talking about fresh baked, the innards surrounded by pasty dough fat you get what you paid for knishes.

So when the rumors reached the editor's desk at 1010 WINS, they sent yours truly to check them out. When I got there, I was greeted by a smiling vivacious owner, Ellen Anistratov, and her son, David, both who insisted the rumors not-with-standing,, Yohan Schimmel is here to stay. They've been there more than 100 years, and, Anistratov told me, they'll be there for 100 years more. "At least," she added.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rat City USA

There are so many rats in this neighborhood in East Harlem that the neighbors have dubbed this "Rat City." The Health Department says unsecured trash attracts the rats. People who live in the George Washington Houses says there aren't enough Dumpsters. So people dump their bags of trash in the hallways. And the rats even come inside!

One man, a maintenance worker at the community center across the street, says when he takes the trash out the rats follow him like he's the Pied Piper. He says he has to stomp his feet to make them go away.

Monday, January 26, 2015

New York's a virtual ghost town

NO cars on 6th Avenue. Only emergency vehicles permitted on New York City streets as of 11 pm.