Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Today's Fox News Radio Whip Around

I guest hosted the Fox News Radio Whip Around podcast today.

Stories include the threat to the summit between President Trump and North Korea's leader, the health threat caused by the volcano on Hawaii's Big Island and an explosion in a California medical building.

Also a high school student hacking his school's computer and changing the grades, a requirement to smile while walking in the hallway of another high school and American obsession over the royal wedding.

And finally, the story of a man who got into a heated argument with a parrot ... which only ended with the intervention of the police!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

It's National Hurricane Preparedness Week when we're supposed to make sure we know what to do for ourselves in a disaster but what about our pets?

We hear all the advice about what we should do before a hurricane strikes. But have we made arrangements for our pets?

Sadly many people don't, says Robert Misseri of Guardians of Rescue ... who ... along with his team of volunteers ... has responded to every recent hurricane to rescue pets that were left behind by owners.

Here is my interview with him that aired today on Fox News Headlines 24/7 on SiriusXM 115.

You can contact Guardians of Rescue at 888-287-3864.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

I witnessed a hit and run car vs bicycle accident but that's just the beginning of the story.

My colleague, Tom Rigatti, and I were walking on Sixth Ave. just south of 42nd Street ... hoofing it to the PATH train after work ... when he first noticed what appeared to be a man falling down in the left lane of traffic in the pre-dawn of midtown Manhattan.

He'd just been hit by a car while riding his bicycle. A car that didn't stop.

There he was, in a lane of traffic, partially conscious and disoriented.

Not only did the car that hit him leave without stopping, but other drivers, upset that he was in traffic, honked and swerved. But none of them stopped!

Tom and I ran to his aid. By now he was struggling to get up and to right his bicycle.

Our first priority was to get him out of traffic, which we did. I tried to get him to sit down on the curb but he refused. He was quite agitated about what happened to him.

As Tom tried to calm him down I called 911, which upset him even more. As the 911 operator listened in he insisted he did not want EMS.

I told her to please disregard the call because the victim was refusing services. He unsteadily got back on his bike. And Tom continued our now hurried journey to catch our train.

A couple related takeaways: 

Who could possibly hit a person on a bicycle and drive away without rendering aid?

And, what could have possibly been going through the minds of those drivers who neglected to stop to help?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Another dead child found in a hot car, how many more of these tragedies will we see this summer?

Fox 40 Sacramento photo

This is a story I reported on Fox News Headlines 24/7 on SiriusXM 115.

It's happened again. A child found dead in a hot car.  This time in California.

It was a Rancho Cordova police officer's investigation that lead to the discovery of the little girl. The cop spotting a white Toyota Rav-4 parked the wrong way on the street near a park.  

The officer approaches a man and a woman near the vehicle - who say they own the car. The officer runs the man's name through the police computer - learning he had an outstanding warrant out of Arkansas.

It was then that cops searched the car and found the toddler under some blankets in the back seat. Unresponsive. Dead on the scene.

The Sacramento county coroner's office will determine the cause of death. Meanwhile, detectives are holding - and questioning, the man and the woman.

Temperatures in the Sacramento area were in the 90s yesterday.

YouTube stunt goes terribly wrong as young man is accidentally shot and killed by his pregnant teenage girlfriend

Pedro Ruiz

My reporting of this story was first aired on Fox News Headlines 24/7 on Sirius XM 115.

A rising YouTube star - known for his and his girlfriend's outrageous acts on camera - is dead after a stunt designed to gain them even more followers ends his life.

Twenty-two-year-old Pedro Ruiz of Halstad, Minnesota and his 19-year-old 7-month-pregnant girlfriend had been gaining a loyal YouTube following doing goofy things for their fans.

Cops and relatives say the girlfriend - Monalisa Perez - fired a 50 caliber handgun from about a foot away into a book held by Ruiz against his chest. The book was supposed to stop the bullet. It didn't. And Ruiz was killed.

Relatives and friends say they'd practiced the stunt using another book - which did stop the bullet. A friend says, she begged him not to do it, but he was insistent - he wanted more YouTube viewers.

So now, instead of being the stars they wanted to be, Ruiz is dead - and Perez is in jail - charged with second-degree manslaughter.

Florida family watches in horror as swarm of bees attacks their dog and kills her

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Another case of a swarm of bees attacking. This time a family dog in its yard is attacked and dies.

It happened in Boca Raton in Debby Leonard's yard. She says there were so many bees on her 45 pound dog Delilah you couldn't tell her color. By the time it was over, Delilah had been stung hundreds of times.

Her next door neighbor has bee hives.  And there's a hive in a tree overlooking the yard.

"The beekeeper who came out here said that at this time of year they outgrow their hives and they create a new queen and they swarm," Leonard says.

Leonard says her neighbor shouldn't be permitted bee hives in a residential area. She's afraid the next victim may be a human being.