Friday, February 12, 2016

It's 12 degrees out but still ...

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Preying on people who are praying

While people attended Christmas services in Fort Worth Texas, someone was out in the church parking lot were preying (note the spelling) on them.

It's a story I filed today for Fox News Headlines 24/7 on SiriusXM 115 and for the Fox News Radio Network.

They broke into eight cars in the parking lot. Taking money and Christmas gifts.

One guy says when he came out and found the passenger window of his pick up smashed - cash he had in the glove box stolen - he used words that - well - let's just say - aren't usually uttered in church.

But another parishioner - whose Christmas gifts for her little girl were all taken - is talking forgiveness.  Because, she says, it's just that time of year.

A papal miracle?

A New Jersey girl is cancer free after receiving a blessing from the pope.

It's one of the stories I reported on today for Fox News Headlines 24/7 on SiriusXM 115 and for the Fox News Radio network.

A year ago, Grace west was fighting off stage four neuroblastoma - a pediatric cancer that affects the nerve cells. That's when the Make a Wish Foundation asked her what she'd like.

She said she wanted to be blessed by the pope. So it was arranged - and off to the Vatican she went.

Now, one year later, the 12-year-old is free of cancer.

Her family is calling it a papal miracle.

Friday, December 25, 2015

2 heartwarming stories for Christmas

I reported on two stories today on Fox News Headlines 24/7 on SiriusXM 115 and for the Fox News Radio Network that are sure to tug at your heart strings a bit.

The first is datelined Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Where the pastor of the City of Hope Church decided to look for a new location for his flock. Many of whom are afraid to attend services because of crime in the neighborhood.

Pastor Kenneth Applewhite spotting an ad for a plot of land. Answering it. Meeting with its owner.

He told the owner - who happens to be Jewish - why he was looking to buy the land to build a new church. And the guy told Applewhite - here is what I'm going to do for you reverend. I'm going to give you the land to build a new church.

The other story I reported on has to do with a homeless couple in Los Angeles.
In line for Christmas dinner at the LA Mission - Vincent and Adrienne Lemuel.

Between them they have 16 children. The mission - giving them the place to get together with some of them.

Vincent and Adrienne - who have struggled with alcohol and drug abuse - met in a homeless shelter.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Picking on the wrong nun

You guys are just gonna love this story.

In Milwaukee, car jacking is a way of life.

Well, a couple guys picked on the wrong nun to jack.

That's right. The wrong nun.

Not only that, she's a nun who is more than 70 years old.

It's a story I reported on for Fox News Headlines 24/7 on SiriusXM 115 and the Fox News Radio Network.

Anyway, she was getting in her car outside St. Joseph's convent. And they told her to give them her keys,

But instead of meekly turning them over, she jumped into the car. They jumped into a car, too and sped off.

But Sister decided - not so fast buddies. She chased them. Got a good description of the car. And part of their license number. Which she gave to the cops.

The convent also has security cams. Which captured the whole thing.

Those images turned over to the police as well.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Attacking the weakest of us during this season of goodwill

Two stories I filed for Fox News Headlines 24/7 on SiriusXM 115 and for the Fox News Radio Network today reminds us that, sadly, the season of goodwill doesn't extend to everyone.

The first - about a 2-year-old Missouri boy, who was put in a crib in a house and left alone with a space heater raging for 38 hours while his mother and dad, police say, manufactured meth in another room.

Cops say they ignored his cries. When the mom finally checked on him - he was dead. The cause: excessive heat.

The parents charged with child abuse, neglect and with manufacturing meth.

The other story I reported about was took place in Greenburgh, New York - a suburb of New York City. Where two people at a hamburger joint - a man and a woman - thought a blind Salvation Army bell ringer who was there on his lunch break took cuts in line. So the viciously assaulted him, the police chief says. Bashing his head with his kettle. And viciously kicking him while he was down on the floor.

Chief Chris McNerney says the man has a long history of arrests and was out on parole at the time of the assault.