Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bill would allow dogs inside the railing at New York sidewalk cafes

Eleanor the Pug (and her owner) say they are thrilled over a proposed bill that would allow her inside the railing at sidewalk cafes while he is dining. But some people I interviewed for 1010 WINS say that presents a health and safety concern. One woman says a dog once jumped up on the table and snatched her meal!

NY City beaches open for the season

I'm at Midland Beach, Staten Island for 1010 WINS covering the opening of New York City beaches for the season.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

9/11 Memorial evacuated due to foul odor

Some concerning moments here at the 9/11 Memorial when a foul chemical like smell started emanating  from the South Pool causing for about a two hour long evacuation. Some people also reported scratchy throats and teary eyes. . Workers here say they've been putting chemicals in both pools to kill off the algae and the foul odor was a by-product of that. They drained the pools - then let folks back in.

I'm covering the story for 1010 WINS.

Bricks fall from Upper West Side building striking grandma. toddler in head

I'm outside this nursing home on West End and W. 74th where part of the facade came tumbling down, striking a grandmother and her 2-year-old granddaughter. Both were rushed to the hospital, the toddler in critical condition. The city building commissioner says the building had been inspected and repaired several years ago. An investigation now underway to determine why this happened.

I'm covering the story for 1010 WINS.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Arrest in beating of Good Samaritan who tried to break up a McDonald's brawl that went viral

Seems whenever there's a gang brawl in a McDonalds in Brooklyn there's someone there to record it. A video taken of girls punching and pulling one another's hair and rolling around on the floor went viral. But that actually helped cops identify some of those involved. Now an 18-year-old who attacked a 43-year-old man who was playing peace maker while crying out "kill him" has been nabbed. Others on the video are still being sought.

I'm covering the story for 1010 WINS.

Separated through adoption when young, reunited in class at Columbia University

What are the odds? Two young women, who were adopted as toddlers to two different families, one thinking the other was dead. The other searching on line with what little information she had about her sibling. In class at Columbia University. When one, Lizzie, gave the background of her life. And the other - Katie - sitting across the table from her - realized this was her sister!

I'm covering the story for 1010 WINS.