Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Man calls cops over a basketball foul

We know things can get a little heated and players bumped around during a basketball game. But police say this is a first.

A Virginia man calls 911 after being fouled hard on a basketball court.

It happened at an LA Fitness in Sterling, Virginia. And of course it was caught on video.

You can hear the man shooting the video making fun of the fouled player:

"It's the hardest foul in America bro," he says. "What  you got to say Bird? You calling the cops if you get fouled Birdo?"

The guy who called the cops was fouled hard enough to fall to the court. But deputies say they're not certain why they were called.

The man shooting the video asks one of the officers, "Have you ever been called for a basketball foul before this? This your first time?"

To which the deputy responds, "That's my first basketball foul."

No fists were thrown. There was no racial element. In fact, after he called the cops, the man returned to the court to finish the game.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

911 call leads to his arrest

Police aren't certain if secretly Christian Palacios wanted to end up in jail. Why else, they wonder, did he call 911 to see if he was wanted on warrants?

Thibodaux, Louisiana police aren't saying whether there were any warrants on him. But they do say the call made him an instant wanted man.

They immediately sent a police car to his house and arrested Palacios for using 911 for a non-emergency call.

Stick to sports

I was just having a conversation with a sports reporter and I suggested that he stick to sports because that will make him happier.

He asked me what I meant by that.

I replied that, in sports, you can be a Yankees fan and I can be a Red Sox fan and we can argue baseball all night long but part friends.

But if we discuss politics, no matter what side you take, you're going to upset half the people. And maybe lose a friendship over it.

So I recommend to him that he continue to cover sports, not politics. I also suggested that those of us who engage in discussion about politics could learn a lot from sports fans.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Cop files complaint against himself

A police chief in India promised to crackdown on officers not doing their jobs right. Now he's proving he really meant it. Filing a complaint against himself.

The officer in charge of the Meerut station house says he and the officers under his command are failing to catch cow smugglers. So he filed the complaint.

Rajendra Tyagi says when he took command of the station he instituted a rule that action would be taken against erring officers. And in this case, that includes himself.

The reform-minded station house officer previously took action against 19 cops who were caught taking bribes.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

These cops WANT you to drive drunk

Cops are always on the lookout for drunk drivers hoping to find them and get them off the road. But one sheriff's department actually wants people to drive drunk. And they're even giving drivers the libations and cannabis to do it.

It's not that the Adams County, Colorado Sheriff's Office actually wants drunk and high drivers on the road. But they do want to put them behind the wheel. To demonstrate the dangers of impaired and distracted drivers.

Some people who sign up will be given booze or marijuana before being put through a driving test on a closed course. And some will be asked to text messages while driving.

The idea is to help deputies recognize the differences between drunk and high drivers.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Necktie ban

Fewer and fewer workplaces are requiring ties these days. But the mayor of one California town wants them banned altogether.

Lancaster, California Mayor R. Rex Parris says he came up with the brainstorm after reading a science blog which claimed neckties restrict 7.5 percent of blood to the brain.

He's not the first to address the issue. The New York City Human Rights Commission opposes neckties for a different reason. Saying making men wear ties is like requiring women to wear skirts.