Thursday, June 29, 2017

Another dead child found in a hot car, how many more of these tragedies will we see this summer?

Fox 40 Sacramento photo

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It's happened again. A child found dead in a hot car.  This time in California.

It was a Rancho Cordova police officer's investigation that lead to the discovery of the little girl. The cop spotting a white Toyota Rav-4 parked the wrong way on the street near a park.  

The officer approaches a man and a woman near the vehicle - who say they own the car. The officer runs the man's name through the police computer - learning he had an outstanding warrant out of Arkansas.

It was then that cops searched the car and found the toddler under some blankets in the back seat. Unresponsive. Dead on the scene.

The Sacramento county coroner's office will determine the cause of death. Meanwhile, detectives are holding - and questioning, the man and the woman.

Temperatures in the Sacramento area were in the 90s yesterday.

YouTube stunt goes terribly wrong as young man is accidentally shot and killed by his pregnant teenage girlfriend

Pedro Ruiz

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A rising YouTube star - known for his and his girlfriend's outrageous acts on camera - is dead after a stunt designed to gain them even more followers ends his life.

Twenty-two-year-old Pedro Ruiz of Halstad, Minnesota and his 19-year-old 7-month-pregnant girlfriend had been gaining a loyal YouTube following doing goofy things for their fans.

Cops and relatives say the girlfriend - Monalisa Perez - fired a 50 caliber handgun from about a foot away into a book held by Ruiz against his chest. The book was supposed to stop the bullet. It didn't. And Ruiz was killed.

Relatives and friends say they'd practiced the stunt using another book - which did stop the bullet. A friend says, she begged him not to do it, but he was insistent - he wanted more YouTube viewers.

So now, instead of being the stars they wanted to be, Ruiz is dead - and Perez is in jail - charged with second-degree manslaughter.

Florida family watches in horror as swarm of bees attacks their dog and kills her

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Another case of a swarm of bees attacking. This time a family dog in its yard is attacked and dies.

It happened in Boca Raton in Debby Leonard's yard. She says there were so many bees on her 45 pound dog Delilah you couldn't tell her color. By the time it was over, Delilah had been stung hundreds of times.

Her next door neighbor has bee hives.  And there's a hive in a tree overlooking the yard.

"The beekeeper who came out here said that at this time of year they outgrow their hives and they create a new queen and they swarm," Leonard says.

Leonard says her neighbor shouldn't be permitted bee hives in a residential area. She's afraid the next victim may be a human being.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wait 'til you hear what the good people of Rockwall Texas do when they see a neighbor in need

Fox 4 Dallas Fort Worth photo

A man  who walked three miles to work each day won't have to walk any longer thanks to the generosity of strangers.

When a Rockwall, Texas man learned that a 20-year-old employee of a local taco restaurant was walking three miles to work - and back - in temperatures in the 90s - he decided to do something for him.

Andy Mitchell gave Justin Korva a ride to work one day and then posted his story on the internet.

Strangers pitched in to raise 55-hundred dollars to buy him a car. And they raised the money in fewer than 48 hours.

Mitchell - and a group of others - surprising Korva with his new ride

"Instead of you walking to work buddy, you're driving this car from now on," Mitchell told Korva.

A stunned Korva asking, "are you serious?"  Not only is it paid for, but so is the insurance and two year's worth of oil changes.

Things really are changing in New York City under de Blasio but are they for the good? I guess it depends on one's perspective

I got into a conversation yesterday with an Upper West Side neighborhood perpetrator. He was openly smoking a joint during our little street corner chat.

"Things are changing under de Blasio," he declared when I questioned him about his choice of smokes.

"I can smoke marijuana in public and it's only a ticket now."

But that's not the only quality of life change under New York's mayor, he told me. Not only can he smoke marijuana in public, he can pee in public, too. Without risking jail time.

And not only that:

"The other day I got a ticket for my knife," he added. "I was expecting to go to jail. I usually go to jail for my knives. But they only gave me a ticket. Yep, things are changing under de Blasio." 

Imagine getting tossed in jail on drug charges because the cops mistook drywall dust for cocaine!

Fox 35 Orlando photo

A 57-year-old Florida handyman is jailed for 90 days after police mistook drywall dust for cocaine and arrested him on drug charges.

When Karlos Cashe was pulled over by the Oviedo, Florida police on a traffic stop they spotted a white powdery substance on his back seat.

Cocaine, they immediately surmised. And they called a drug dog and got a hit.

Kashe says he tried to tell them it was dust from drywall. 

"I said, 'you found drywall and you're turning it into cocaine,'" Cashe says he told the cops.

But then a lab report came in showing no controlled substances and he was released.

"It cost me 90 days in jail trying to prove my innocence," he says

The Oviedo police department says there will be no internal investigation because cops followed proper procedure and there was no bad intentions in the arrest. But Kashe says, that's 90 days he'll never get back.

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