Friday, June 1, 2018

The Latest On North Korea, The Santa Fe Texas School Shooting, Presidential Pardons, Tariffs And Apples, A Moose On The Loose, And The Parrot Who Talks To Alexa

For the second day in a row I got to host the Fox News Radio Whip Around podcast.

Today's offerings include an update on the North Korea negotiations, the president's trip to Texas to meet with families and victims of the Santa Fe High School massacre and the president pulling out his pardon pen ... and hinting that he may pull it out again soon.

Also the impact the announced tariffs will have on California's apple industry. And an update on the Hawaii volcano.

But you'll totally want to listen to the end for TWO favorite stories today.

The first, the saga of a moose that kept chasing a couple trying to get in a round on a Utah golf course. And the tale (not tail!) of a parrot who carries on conversations with Alexa. And successfully gives Alexa commands!


Thursday, May 31, 2018

President Trump Continues To Push Back Against The Mueller Probe, North Korea, North Carolina Flooding, California Wildfires, The Hawaii Volcano And A Pistol Packing Granny All Part Of Today's Whip Around Podcast.

I guest hosted the Whip Around podcast for Fox News Radio today. And I spent some time on the president's responds to the Mueller investigation as well as taking a look at the high level talks between North Korea and the United States underway in New York City today.

But I also took a whip around the nation, checking out flooding in North Carolina, the volcano on Hawaii's Big Island and seven simultaneous wildfires in California in one county.

But if you give today's Whip Around a listen, please stick around to the end and my favorite story. It's about the Gun Totting Granny. And boy, does she have an attitude!


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Man Jumps Into River In Newark While Being Chased, Never Seen Emerging

This video brings you right to the scene ... shot even before rescue workers arrived.

Seconds after a man called 911 in Newark, NJ to report that he'd been robbed.

The guy telling cops he chased the robber to the Passaic River. And jumped in to avoid getting caught.

Police from Newark and bordering Kearny rushed to the scene. As well as firefighters. They even called in the fire boat from Linden, NJ.

They searched on the banks and in the water for two-and-a-half hours. But they never found the guy.

Did he swim to safety and successfully escape? Did he circle back under cover of darkness and slip into one of the homeless encampments at the water's edge? Or was he pulled under the murky drink to a watery grave?

Here's the video shot by my friend, Dean McDermott of State News Service.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Today's Fox News Radio Whip Around

I guest hosted the Fox News Radio Whip Around podcast today.

Stories include the threat to the summit between President Trump and North Korea's leader, the health threat caused by the volcano on Hawaii's Big Island and an explosion in a California medical building.

Also a high school student hacking his school's computer and changing the grades, a requirement to smile while walking in the hallway of another high school and American obsession over the royal wedding.

And finally, the story of a man who got into a heated argument with a parrot ... which only ended with the intervention of the police!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

It's National Hurricane Preparedness Week when we're supposed to make sure we know what to do for ourselves in a disaster but what about our pets?

We hear all the advice about what we should do before a hurricane strikes. But have we made arrangements for our pets?

Sadly many people don't, says Robert Misseri of Guardians of Rescue ... who ... along with his team of volunteers ... has responded to every recent hurricane to rescue pets that were left behind by owners.

Here is my interview with him that aired today on Fox News Headlines 24/7 on SiriusXM 115.

You can contact Guardians of Rescue at 888-287-3864.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

I witnessed a hit and run car vs bicycle accident but that's just the beginning of the story.

My colleague, Tom Rigatti, and I were walking on Sixth Ave. just south of 42nd Street ... hoofing it to the PATH train after work ... when he first noticed what appeared to be a man falling down in the left lane of traffic in the pre-dawn of midtown Manhattan.

He'd just been hit by a car while riding his bicycle. A car that didn't stop.

There he was, in a lane of traffic, partially conscious and disoriented.

Not only did the car that hit him leave without stopping, but other drivers, upset that he was in traffic, honked and swerved. But none of them stopped!

Tom and I ran to his aid. By now he was struggling to get up and to right his bicycle.

Our first priority was to get him out of traffic, which we did. I tried to get him to sit down on the curb but he refused. He was quite agitated about what happened to him.

As Tom tried to calm him down I called 911, which upset him even more. As the 911 operator listened in he insisted he did not want EMS.

I told her to please disregard the call because the victim was refusing services. He unsteadily got back on his bike. And Tom continued our now hurried journey to catch our train.

A couple related takeaways: 

Who could possibly hit a person on a bicycle and drive away without rendering aid?

And, what could have possibly been going through the minds of those drivers who neglected to stop to help?