Sunday, April 22, 2007

Christians Murdered In Turkey

More religious intolerance in the news today.

Three people have been killed in Turkey at a bible distribution facility.

And in Iraq, 23 people who belong to an ancient religious sect were pulled from a bus and executed by members of other religious beliefs.

This is history repeating itself. People dying in the name of religion. Not back in the Dark Ages. But during this so-called enlightened time.

This is an age that boasts an info-technology revolution. Those of us who are purveyors and consumers of this new technology should be using our global bully pulpits to speak out against religious intolerance in all forms. Especially when it manifests itself as violence.
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Cass said...

I find this all very interesting.......... as well as sickening. This is the country that has been seeking entry as a full member of the European Union and has been turned down on its human rights issues. Scrape off the surface veneer and underneath you will find the bloody savage who will say one thing to your face, yet carry on doing exactly what it wants behond your back. Thank goodness Angela Merkle from Germant opposed their entry - or we could have this viper in our bosom!!!

SonnyBavaria said...

Turkey is a very nationalistic orientated country where religion seems to get more and more influence.
Under all those circumstances Turkey will have either a long way to go to become an ordinary member of the European Union or the country will become religious radicalized, which means it will be lost for Europe.
We should not forget, Turkey is at the moment the only country in that hemisphare, which still has Politics and Religion seperated and not like in all other countries in the Middle East where Politcs is Religion and vice versa. So it looked for a long time as if Turkey could become a kind showcase of excellent relations between the western (christian) and the eastern (islamic) world.

There is a lot of religious radicalism, the conflict with the kurdish inhabitants in Turkey, the continous pressure against any christian movement or institution in the country, human rights, just to name a few of the problems in that country.

Besides that... Turkey is not loved by it´s arabic/islamic neighbours: Ankaras deal with Israel allows israeli troops to run manoeuvres in Turkey, Israeli Airforce is on permanent training in Turkey

Cass said...

I suppose my comments to what you are saying would be - worms can turn!! Secular it may be at the moment, but there appears to be an increase in the influence of the religious leaders, and very little control over 'human rights' violations.
Additionally, I don't think the fact that it's the least redicalised nation in the ME justifies its inclusion in the EU. Tell you what tho.......... I won't be buying a holiday home there any time soon!

Cass said...

of course I mean radicalised !!

SonnyBavaria said...

Cass, of course...the situation in Turkey is getting more and more radicalized. And it´s not the influence of religious leaders towards politics...... this is going just into the direction of the population in certain areas in Turkey.... at the moment... Diyarbakir, Ercincan and Ercerum, away from the big cities.....where the majority of not educated people is living.

This is a problem and due to all the issues we mentioned before and known to all civilized people, Turkey sure is not ready for the EU. I personally would love to see Turkey in the EU, but not under such circumstances. I am sure you agree...

We should not forget, if the West looses Turkey, then there will be other countries lost as well.... Tadshikistan, Usbekistan, Kasachstan.. all of turk race. Countries which are getting bombarded with Turkish TV, their students studying in Ankara and Istanbul. Turkey has big influence in those countries.

We should not give up a country like Turkey. And did you know that Berlin is the second biggest turkish city already?