Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gaza Bombings

A spat of bombings in the Gaza strip is instilling more fear in the people who live there.

When Israel takes military action in the Gaza it becomes the subject of international news and condemnation. But the Arab on Arab attacks that are becoming part of daily life escape the same scrutiny.

According to reports, the targets include pharmacies, beauty shops and Internet cafes. The Internet cafes because they "distract" the Palestinian youth. Beauty shops because of the vanity they offer their customers. Pharmacies because they dispense condoms.

Music stores are also targeted. Apparently some of the music they sell fails to meet certain religious standards.

Now a Christian bookstore in the Gaza has reportedly been bombed.

Some of these attacks were apparently carried out by the same people who kidnapped British journalist Alan Johnston.

All of these attacks in the name of religion. By people who believe they have not only the right, but the responsibility, to impose their will on others.

This violence deserves as much coverage as do Israeli military attacks in the Gaza. Those who cast a critical eye on one and not the other reveal the sad truth that they care not about the Palestinian people. But are exploiting them as excuse to espouse their hatred of Israel.

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