Friday, April 20, 2007

Glorifying Mass Murder

The video taped images that Seung-Hui Cho managed to send to NBC between shootings on the Virginia Tech campus, played repeatedly by news outlets around the country, did more than extend the hurt suffered by those touched by Monday's massacre. They also glorify Cho's horrific act. And could encourage others to follow in his footsteps.

The murders of 32 people and Cho's own death took place days from the anniversary of the Columbine High School killings. Cho had indicated that he was influenced by that tragedy.

How many others in the future will now want to emulate what he did in Blacksburg, VA?
Note: Succumbing to pressure, some networks have decided to cut back or even eliminate airing of the disturbing images.


Heather said...

COMPLETELY AGREE! The Airplay of this event is only causing further injury to the family's of the Victims... The Sooner it is off the Air, the sooner the familys can start the grieving process!

psychie said...

I find it amazing that the same media which felt it was too traumatic for us to see 9-11 film footage for four years after the event sees no problem showing video tape of a madman within hours of the slaughter of 32 innocent people.

This is the same media which gave countless hours of airtime to Abu Ghraib, complete with Linde England's "dominatrix in cammies" modeling shot. And yet, we got very little in terms of information when it came to the beheadings of Nick Berg and Daniel Pearle.

Let me get this straight. Where the offending parties have been Americans; where their presense and behavior makes America look bad; NBC has narry a sweat about showing questionable (if not totally tasteless) material.

On the other hand, if something could possibly make oh, what should I call them? Islamofacists? Well, "those people who yell Alluha Akbar" look bad, of course, we Americans are "too delicate" to absorb the information.

Someone once told me that most news stories were adjusted to a fifth grade level.

I wonder: is our media "smarter than a fifth grader?"

Cass said...

Every time I look at this blog and see that picture I feel nauseated.