Saturday, April 28, 2007

Group wants CNN's Lou Dobbs fired

Now it's Lou Dobbs' turn.

Dobbs, who frequently uses his show on CNN to attack illegal immigration, had the audacity to compare immigration supporters to Nazi propagandists.

He didn't say they were like Nazis who carted away Jews and others in cattle cars to death camps. He likened their rhetorical tactics to those of Hermann Goering, though he likely misspoke meaning to refer to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels (Goering headed Hitler's air force).

Any comparison to Nazis is sure to attack the sensibilities of many. Pundits like Dobbs say things like this to elicit thought and response. Those who agree with him should say so. Those who disagree should speak out as well. It moves the discussion forward.

But calling for his firing?

A Hebrew immigrant group is demanding that CNN fire Dobbs. A group that's about as obscure, by the way, as the Asian American organization that's demanding that two CBS Radio shock jocks in New York be fired for making an on air prank call to a Chinese restaurant.

Obscure or not, the Asian American group was able to pressure CBS into suspending the duo.

We are moving into a world gone mad. On the one hand, there are those alarmists who fear that Muslim fundamentalism left unchecked will force us to comply with Sharia law, limiting our abilities to express ourselves. But at the rate we're going, we'll have accomplished this on our own long before the fundamentalists overtake us.

This all runs contrary to the foundation of this country. To the things the Patriots held near and dear. The right to express themselves. The right to speak out against one's government.

People gave up everything they had, including, in large numbers, their lives, so that we'd have rights that we seem so willingly to give away.

Here's an experiment. Take a copy of the Declaration of Independence and show it to people without letting them know what it is. Ask them to sign a petition endorsing the words. See if they will support its concepts.

I fear you'll find that many people will reject them as too radical.

Hopefully CNN will not fold to this latest demand for the firing of an on-air personality. Note to media corporate lawyers. The companies you work for are in the business of selling ideas. You should be in the business of fighting for their right to do that. Think of it as an act of self preservation.


Writer's disclosure: As a former CNN employee based in New York I am personally acquainted with Lou Dobbs.

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psychie said...

I'm curious. When everyone who has ever said something that offends someone else has been fired, will anyone have a job?

I am growing weary of this notion that an apology has to be linked to a firing.

I'm even more weary of the concept that a forced apology somehow has meaning.

Time was when an apology meant:
"an admission of error or discourtesy accompanied by an expression of regret."

An ADMISSION. A willing admission. A person used to apologize because they had a crisis of conscience. Not because they were sociologically yenta'd into squeeking out an apology.

I think those who feign being offended need to make up their minds. Either they want an apology or they want retribution. If they want retribution, just demand the firing. Shut up about the apology.