Saturday, April 28, 2007

More Civil Rights Hypocricy

Is it really civil rights activism when a group fights for the rights of one but not the other?

What about when those activists actually put down other minorities?

These Asian American demonstrators protested outside CBS to demand the firings of two radio shock jocks who placed a crank call to a Chinese restaurant.

The jocks have already been suspended. But the demonstrators are out for blood. They want WFNY's JV and Elvis fired. Arguing that because CBS fired Don Imus because of his comments offensive to blacks, it would be a double standard if these two aren't fired as well.

Debby Wolf, co-founder of People Against Censorship, whose members were counter demonstrating, says something very disturbing happened during the protest. She says one of the Asian Americans shouted out "Jews are racist" and was treated with cheers and applause.

So in the minds of these self-appointed regulators of acceptable speech, it's apparently wrong to make fun of Chinese people, but OK to make derogatory comments about Jews.

By the way, one of the radio personalities they want fired happens to be married to a Korean woman. This, in the minds of the organizers does not give him a pass, since his wife is an adult model with her own website.

So, not only are they limiting their support to Asian Americans, they further narrow it to those who fit their sense of morality.

All this hypocrisy speaks to their own personality deficits. The important question is, will CBS, and the rest of us, allow ourselves to play along with this game of trying to gag those with whom we disagree under the guise of civil rights?


Photo credit: Franklyn Strachan

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Cass said...

Does allowing other people their civil rights mean we have to agree to limit our own rights?