Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Terrorism Arrests In England

Just one day after terrorists announced they were going to attack UK targets, six suspected supporters of terrorism have been arrested in England.

Britain seems particularly vulnerable to potential additional terrorist attacks. Its Islamic community is folded less into the fabric of society than are Muslims in the United States. This creates feelings of disenfranchisement and makes it more likely that homegrown attacks will occur.

The last time a group of suspected terrorists was arrested, many Brits expressed surprise that all but one was born in the United Kingdom.

A weekend report warned that England was moving toward two distinct societies. If this trend is left unabated, the likelihood of more violence, based on religious differences, sadly, will increase.

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Cass said...

I am not sure whether 'folded into the fabric of society' is an appropriate phrase for any Muslim. Multiculturalism is now being widely acknowledged as a total failure. There is no real attempt to integrate into western societies, except where there is no real alternative..... but we in the west are good at making exceptions - heaven forbid that we should be accused of discriminatory practices , or, dare I say, racism!! What a terrible stigma that would be. No Gary, political correctness is alive and well and infecting our way of life - and guess what, WE ARE FACILITATING THIS!