Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Future Of Talk Radio

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I was a participant in the final panel of the Talkers Magazine New Media Seminar in Manhattan yesterday. Paltalk was a sponsor.

The fact that Talkers, which is the bible of terrestrial talk radio, would ask Paltalk, an Internet company, to sponsor the event, and put me, a former terrestrial radio guy, on the panel, indicates the concern radio stations have about the shift from broadcasting to webcasting.

Smart broadcasters are embracing the new technology. We see Opie and Anthony using Paltalk to engage with their audience. So do Doug Stephans, Bobby Likis and Greg Knapp. All terrestrial radio broadcasters who are using the Internet as a tool to enhance the experience for their listeners. This more intimate contact between a radio talk show host and the audience builds loyalty.

Recently, 1010WINS, the most listened to station in the nation, used Paltalk to webcast the parade of Navy and Coast Guard ships entering New York harbor for Fleet Week. We'll see more of these kinds of relationships as broadcasters recognize that Internet can actually support their terrestrial radio stations.

Terrestrial radio and Internet radio are NOT mutually exclusive. In fact, they can, and should compliment each another.


Anna said...

There is a degree of inevitability about terrestrial radio turning to the www, after all, people probably use the net far more than they do radios.
What concerns me is that should this happen on a wide scale then it will immediately eliminate all the small broadcasters who have been using the net to reach out to audiences for many years. Costs will soar, restrictions will mount...... and eventually censureship will follow. I know I am looking on the negative side of this, but many enthusiasts broadcast on the web and these will be the ones who are hit.

However, as a supporter and re-broadcaster of Doug Stephan, Greg Knapp, Bobby Likis and G Gordon Liddy I have to say that they do set an example of professional broadcast quality shows that we amateurs can model on. It also enhances their shows being on Paltalk - Doug for example makes constant references to what's going on in Paltalk, and Bobby Likis provides a valuable service to Paltalk car users with car issues. The feedback is immediate, and the people in the chat rooms feel both involved and valued.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"This more intimate contact between a radio talk show host and the audience builds loyalty."

Haaa....that's a riot, and an understatement indeed.

What a joke.