Saturday, March 8, 2008

Would Obama Really Get The Troops Home Faster?

Power before her resignation

If you're thinking Barack Obama is your candidate because he's pledged to bring the troops home faster than Hillary Clinton (and certainly more quickly than John McCain) you might want to reevaluate your support.

That's because a recently severed top campaign aide to the Illinois U.S. senator said in an interview that Obama's campaign promise to withdraw within 16-months of taking office is, well, just that, a campaign promise.

In an interview with the BBC, Samantha Power, who resigned last weekend as Obama's top foreign policy adviser, said, after he entered the Oval Office, a President Obama might take another look at what's going on on the ground. Especially after consulting with military experts with whom he has no access today.

This sounds suspiciously like the results of the mid-term elections, when the Democrats seized control of the Congress on the platform and promise of ending the war. Once they got into office they learned that promising this during a campaign and effecting it on the Hill are two different things.

It all should serve as a reminder that you can take anything and everything these candidates say with a grain of salt. The purpose of running for office is to get elected, not to fulfill campaign promises. Campaign promises that are designed to get you and me to vote for them.



convinced1972 said...
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Angelhugs said...

Obama is a big liar he just wants to get ppl. to elect him maybe he needs to tell the public he das is a muslim so is his step dad & he was raised muslim maybe ppl. need to check into the church he goes to & see that his church backs up Louis Farrakhan one of the nasties muslim around.OBama dropped his middle name Hussine when he decided to run for the presidency so he has been telling lies from the get you & if you think he cares for our troops wrong he does not even put his hand over his heart when the National Athem plays he is nothing more than a liar.

convinced1972 said...

Obama said the troops would be heading to Pakistan.

So, he wants to the move those in Iraq, abandoning the Iraqis that we liberated to invade Pakistan. Leaving Iraq wide open to become an Al Qaeda haven for terrorists once again.

DR GRUMPY said...