Thursday, January 22, 2009

Assessing Obama's First Days

Journalist George Curry, my guest on today's News Talk Online on, offered his assessment of Barack Obama's first days as president and gives him generally high marks.

Among the issues discussed:

Obama's decision to not let TV cameras in when he took his second oath of office. Curry says the reporters who are criticizing this should get over it, but believes it was a mistake, one that likely won't be repeated by the new administration during the next pool coverage situation.

The president's early moves to make good on his promise to withdraw from Iraq. Curry says the president is making good on his promise and he's not overly concerned about the redeployment to Afghanistan. Obama, he says, should be given opportunity to assess the situation there before being criticized.

His nomination of Timothy Geithner as treasury secretary. Geithner's failure to pay income taxes, Curry says, was a mistake. He expects he will be confirmed by the full U.S. Senate and will do a better job of overseeing money allocated for the bailout of the financial industry than did his predecessor.

Obama's order to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility within one year. More than a symbolic move, Curry says. Those in U.S. custody are entitled, he argues, to due process.

Obama's race. Race, Curry believes, is less of an issue with most Americans than the need to get the job done. When your house is on fire, he says, you don't care the color of the skin of the firemen who come to pour the water on. And the United States, with all the problems Obama has inherited, is, he says, a house on fire.


Anonymous said...

The decision to pull out of Iraq was already decided under Bush. I am sure Obama will take credit for that. Nominating Geithner to the treasury is like putting the fox in with the chickens. Let see who he goes after on paying taxes. Wonder if Biden thinks he is patriotic. Gitmo was also being considered for closure but what do you do with them? Do you want them in your backyard? As far as the house being on fire comment, it seems the new administration is going to poor more money on the situation. I dont know about you but my household budget does not work like that. STOP THE INSANITY!!

Silvia said...

It is amazing how all the world is watching every move about President Obama. Personally , i have never seen a President in the history that in 2 days could take so straight decisions and without wasting time .This i call eficiency and sense of urgency for taking decisions . Urgent - is different to Important but sometimes the strategies on urgent decisions let to take the important ones. I feel too much anxious from people , well he cant do all in one day , week ,year , for create a solid nation , solid bases the factor of time and experience makes to see what is really suitable and right .He is focussed very straight in different areas : Guantanamo means allot of aspect to consider apart , and he is doing right and you can see how the European Union reacted , supporting and going on the process ,
Other is to put in charge George Mitchell, for working in the conflicts of Israel and Palestina that was not a topic in his inauguration speech , but he nominate a person who is neutral who has a great experience in diplomacy to solve conflicts like he did in Ireland , for just say one , but it is obvious that Obama want to deal in terms of diplomacy and he will fair enough to solve the situation as it deserves , i think Israel has a clear agreement to this , and who says Obama doesnt support Israel , will see in the meantime the real effects to not claim or create more differences , just face real solutions ,
the called West Wing , the staff that he created with great people from diverse backgrounds and ideas , considering the experience and loyalty ,but mainly intellectual who he is ready to listen , cause one honorable way he shows is to have an open mind and have a vision that means a real change in politics in the world ,
Deal with diversity of opinions and heterogenous team lets give an add value to every decision he has to do .
and the world from different sides is supporting and expecting to an open dialogue to rebuild the interantional relations ,
as in the domestic area , it will take time but he knows how to handle just let he does his work without other goal to give instant and all are involved in the commitment to rebuild the nation .

FacetiousMuse said...

I don't understand why any reporters are criticizing no cameras when Obama took the oath the second time. There were in fact 4 reporters present and audio recording too.

As far as how Obama is doing in his first 2 days, I will say I was cautiously optimistic and now I feel more assured that Obama is going to try to keep his campaign promises.

Limiting lobbists with the Obama admin is something I really do support and it was one of Obama's campaign promises I thought had the least change of becoming a reality.

I do think Obama's greatest challenge will be health care, but I also suspect is will be a year become he comes to that bridge due to the economy.

Just my thoughts at 2:30 am lol