Friday, January 30, 2009

Frustration In The Middle East

Hopes that the new Obama administration would just waltz into the Middle East and broker a peace have been quickly dispelled as U.S. special envoy George Mitchell returns to the United States with grim news about the prospects.

The issue of peace in the Middle East was the discussion today on News Talk Online on as the cease-fire was shattered by Palestinian rockets launched into Israel. Israel counter-attacked pledging to do so for every single future violation of the cease-fire.

Mitchell spent two days meeting with Palestinian and Israeli leaders. He left announcing his frustration at the lack of progress and predicted an uphill battle when he comes back after Israel's general election next month.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is running for his old position and with whom Mitchell met, is vowing to finish the job started by current Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and eradicate Hamas from the Gaza if elected.

Meanwhile, a Hamas leader today actually declared victory over Israel in the three week battle in the Gaza.

Callers to News Talk Online on were universally supportive of Israel.

Jim in Colorado says Israel has been struggling since its establishment, constantly fighting off wars started by other countries and should, therefore, be earning the sympathy, not the condemnation, of the world.

Christof in Germany wants the United Nations to do its job and intervene with a viable peace plan.

Bahane in California says Hamas needs to be condemned for forcing people out of their homes and using those houses as launching pads against Israel and for using people as human shields during the 22-day Israeli incursion.

Leah in Texas says it's unreasonable to expect that the Israelis will negotiate with Hamas. "How do you make peace," she asks, "with someone who vows your annihilation?"

Edward in Oklahoma believes the only way to end the violence is for Israel to take over the Gaza.

Joel from Israel says the world would view this conflict differently if it understood that Iran is pulling the strings of Hamas and that both are associated with the same entity responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

Dean from Spokane wonders if the people in the Gaza expected this kind of violence when they elected Hamas to represent them.

Finally, Silvia in Argentina says the problem is, in spite of its election, giving Hamas legitimacy.


chriswatts said...

Its time for a step forward.
The conflict is stuck and there is no sign of a real solution.
The UN needs to get more possibilities and there needs to be pressure on both sides. We cannot accept that new generations of Israeli and Palestineans are learning to attack each other. For their children there mus be a stop and responsability must take over.

Anonymous said...

It was interesting that during the discussion of this, perhaps the most controversial and divisive issue on your show, that no one challenged your assertions.

Yes there were people typing the usual anti-Israeli hype in the text. But not one person came to the mic to complain that your analysis was wrong.

Could it be that even Israel's detractors are now getting it? They see that Hamas is nothing more than a bunch of thugs bringing bad, not good things to the Palestinian people?

Scott from KC said...

As predicted only a temporary lull in the fighting existed due to the inauguration of President Barack Obama. The new administration is now in place and its back to business as usual. I for one, can not support Hamas firing rockets into Israel endangering its civilian population, no more then I can support the harsh indiscriminate bombing or use of White Phosphorus in populated areas. If both are actually the case.

Who's at fault? There seems to be enough blame on both sides. And the UN as usual has proven itself just another worthless mostly corrupt agency that lacks the ability or respect internationally or practical means to even enforce its very own resolutions. If it can not accomplish the basics of why it was created in the first place, maybe it should be dissolved.

What is to be gained by firing rockets into stronger more equipped neighbor? And why is it necessary to destroy the infrastructure and population of the another?

Wars and bombing are never a viable solution to any problem and should never be used except as an absolute last resort. Media's bias & propaganda from both sides often cloud the true nature of actual events. This in turn gives the general public a misunderstanding of the events taking place.

However, it is clear where America's allegiance was and will be during the current and former administration? When Prime Minister Olmert was able to pull Pres. Bush from the middle of a speech to take his call and DEMAND that Condi Rice vote against a UN resolution she had been advocating for passage to member nations. After the call she voted to abstain. This in my opinion shows a very dangerous influence over US foreign policy. Expect a possibly even more biased allegiance from the current administration. As some are saying C.O.S. Rahm Emanuel will be the guy everything will go through at 1600 Penn. Ave.

As for a solution, the blood has been spilled and there appears to be no carrot on a stick in sight to entice either side to settle this conflict diplomatically.

As for America's stance, it should first demand a permanent cease fire from both sides and then move to solve the crisis diplomatically. For it appears international opinion is forming against Israel's harsh actions in Gaza. If allowed to continue America could find themselves being blamed for these actions internationally. After all most if not all of Israel's weapons are made in the USA.

J.L.Davenport said...

To the anonymous donor #2 in the comments section, I'd like to respond to you by saying that Israel isn't worth the spit it takes or the waiting time to speak on the mic in any public forum. That is why no one wasted time to respond to anything mentioned on Israel's behalf. It’s like breathing polluted air. Coddling parasitic vultures!
Secondly I have some questions, which I am sure no one has considered or cares to address and they are; if Hamas mysteriously stopped firing their rockets (Which has done minimal damage to Israel and its demons as a whole), would the living conditions of the Palestinian people get better? Will Israel tear down the illegal wall that has gone into Palestinian territory? Will Israel rebuild what they have destroyed and that is much of Gaza? Will Israel finally go clean up their excrement and trash they have thrown over into Gaza for the children to breathe and drink in their water? Will the Palestinian people be able to get a job and feed their families and feel like the men they are suppose to feel like? Will Palestinians be compensated for the attempted genocide Israel tried to commit on them?
I will answer this for all of you. NO! None of these things is going to occur. Israel has made up its mind when it comes to Gaza, and that is to destroy everything in it. Publicly Israel has stated this discourse and they have followed it up by using the women and children as retaliation.
If there were three awards that could be given to Israel, they would read: CONNIVING, DECEPTION and PROPAGANDA.