Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gaza Figures May Be Inflated

An Italian newspaper is quoting a doctor in the Gaza as saying that the numbers of casualties reported during the three week Israeli incursion are inflated.

The doctor says the actual number of deaths is closer to 500-600 people. And that most of the fatalities were young men, described by the physician, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution, as fighters recruited by Hamas.

While undoubtedly there were civilian casualties and while these deaths cannot be minimized, it is reprehensible to inflate the figures. The facts, the real facts, stand for themselves.

Of course, it was difficult during the assault, to get independent figures. Foreign correspondents were barred by Israel from entering the Gaza. News agencies protested. Israel claimed the move was made to protect the reporters.

But when you see "dead people" waving when they think the camera has stopped, doctors staging hospital scenes for cameras and inflated figures, the truth dies along with the victims.


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IsabellaSays said...

well.. the numbers were inflated.. awful stuff..

let's see.. how many israelis died vs palestinians?...
you do the math

no one wins in war.. no one

SueNH said...

Gary, This article about Hamas in Gaza reminds me of Lebanon in 2006 when Hezbollah staged bloody casualties on stretchers who got up and walked away after the cameras were turned off. This article makes reference to the questionalbe civilian casualty counts then as reported by various media outlets. Different conflicts involving Israel. Different enemies of Israel. One playbook?

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me that this is just gossip, not fact. 'He said', 'she said', sure....but consider the source. Just because something is in print does not make it a fact.

Not knowing anything about the physician quoted, not having any corroborating source noted, I have no opinion on a "...MAY be Inflated" story.

J.L.Davenport said...

Regardless if the numbers may or may not be inflated is beside the point. Fact is the lens of the camera doesn't lie and the lens of the camera has shown us the tears and blood stained faces of Palestinian women and men carrying their dead children or the body parts of them. The lens has shown us Palestinian children lying in the streets with their heads blown off. The lens has shown us Palestinian children, with the dust of the Earth caked on their little bodies; crouched up against the dead bodies of their parents. And the lens has also shown us so little casualties on the Israelis side that it is hard to believe there were any. Not to mention the smiles they have had during this conflict. All this debunks what Israel is trying to do and that is fabricate what they've done into another fable which they are indeed good at doing.
What is even more disturbing is that Israel will do their best to minimize what they have done…. as if 500-600 dead people are something little. What fools! And then to top it off by trying to minimize it yet again by saying, it was mostly men. These allegations cannot be proved.
Of course all that can be provided is a fictitious, unnamable doctor who would somehow take the liberty to simplify the assault on his people and the destruction of his state.
Hmm, I’d say the only thing reprehensible, is Israel, from its fables to its crime!

Anonymous said...


Read carefully.

Those were NOT Israeli figures. Those were figures offered by a Palestinian doctor and reported by an Italian, not an Israeli, newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Let's see.

The Palestinians fire 3,000 rockets in one year into Israel. No one says a thing.

Israel retaliates. Hamas hides behind civilians. Civilians die.

Blame Israel.

And Isabella -- I guess it would have been OK if more Israelis died than Palestinians? Or do we only care about the blood of the losers in the wars?

Anonymous said...

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