Monday, January 26, 2009

Mixed Early Grades On Obama

A mixed bag of opinions about the job President Obama has done in just under one week on the job were expressed during today's News Talk Online on

Jann in California was harsh in her criticism of the new president, calling him "a typical politician" and "quite the little thug" claiming that he and Democrats in Washington are "pushing their way around." Obviously vitriolic in nature and quite unfair.

Lively in Chicago has an opposing view. "I think he's doing just great," she declared, citing the administration's reversal of a Bush administration policy withholding federal funds from organizations teaching contraception overseas. Lively also cites Obama putting a cap on ca remissions and his ordering the closing of the Guantanamo Bay detention center, which, she argues, should never have been opened.

Cassandra in the UK says it's "harsh to be judging him" in these "very early days" of the Obama administration. But with that being said, Cassandra opined that the things that Obama has done thus far are "all negative."

Jim in Michigan decried the planned closing of Gitmo. He says there are admitted terrorists at Guantanamo Bay who have "given information that prevented another 9/11." He is also critical of Obama for not yet knowing how he will implement his economic plan.

Chris in Germany says Obama is "different from President Bush" - enough in itself to be a good thing. He says Obama is "going in a new direction" and basing his policies on the law.

Steve in England says he "never expected significant change beyond cosmetics." He believes there really isn't a two-party system in Washington. "There's really only one party in essence," he says.

Silvia in Argentina says it's too early to rush to judgment. "He can't please everyone," she says. "There will be hard times. There will be mistakes. Nothing," she says, "can be solved in a moment."

Finally, Sylvia in New York says she likes that there are opportunities for common people to offer suggestions to the Obama administration. She's surprised and delighted that the new president has sent her e-mails asking for her ideas.


Scott from KC said...

The Obama administration has a monumental task ahead of it. Whit both the economy and foreign policy left in shambles, anything positive he does will be an improvement. It will take much longer then 4 yrs to repair the damage of 8 yrs of irresponsible economic and foreign policy blunders. I wish him all the luck in the world. He will need it.

Anonymous said...

I have found that the Media tends to fuel the Rush to early Judgments of Obama's first week in Office. I say give the guy 6 months mean while take the Watch and see approach to the Topic. Then I might even agree with some of the complaints or Compliments of The President. I want to see President Obama do well thus America will do well.


Leilani Helepololei

Anonymous said...

Frist,He didn't go on vacation like bush did after he was elected lol
bush was a lazy always on vacation, went to bed 9:30 every night
i think Obama had a great first week
undoing some of the stupidity of bush
he has a long way to go
the middle east is a mess, 8 years wasted by bush fixing the crisis in the middle east, i don't think obama can fix it any time soon
But he knows what to do !
Martin from Boston

Anonymous said...

well so far i respect that he is trying to start quick
so far it appears that he is being aggressive in taking over and getting things done
i respect he trying to get his cabinet set up and trying to get everyone involved as much as can be done
But other than that think too early to really know what he will be able to do
Cleo from california

Fawn said...

I think Obama's pushing new EPA regulations on the manufacturing of new vehicles as a REALLY POSITIVE MOVE, and quicker than I thought it would be as well.

When he said he was gonna go GREEN, he's doing it!!!

Anonymous said...

I think he got right to work fast and I like that!!
I like that he got to work on the USA's Image which had been bad and that he got rid of Guantanamo Bay Prison
he's smart and fast and aggressive - so I admire those qualities
i have not reviewed the entire economic plan so I can't really comment on it. Its all a big chance right now it seems
Steve from Washington DC

Anonymous said...

we all hope it's the right person at the right moment
He started with strong decisions and creating a powerful staff around him . this is signal of great leader , just give him time
Flavio from Miami

FacetiousMuse said...

I think the last 6 days Obama has shown he isn't just a politician with a lot of empty campaign promises.

The Mexico City policy,that Obama has overturn is a policy that has been overturned every since Reagan first implemented the policy.

Unlike what many think the funding is NOT going to perform abortions it just allows funding
international groups that provide abortions or provides information on abortions. When the Mexico City Policy is in effect no funding goes to international groups that even give out information about reproductive choices.

In my opinion The Mexico City policy is just a democrats vs republicans policy.

I think that Obama is trying to cross party lines and that Obama knows this country is in need and now is NOT the time for partisanship.

Guantanamo Bay isn't really closing, the prison that the detainees have been kept is closing and I agree with Lively Oaks, it should have never been opened.

Many worry that the 'terrorists' in Gitmo would come and attack the US to them I would like to share this information. As of the 13th of January 2009, the Pentagon said that it had evidence that 18 former detainees have had direct involvement in terrorist activities. The Pentagon said that another 43 former detainees have "a plausible link with terrorist activities" according to its intelligence sources. National security expert and CNN analyst Peter Bergen, states that some of those "suspected" to have returned to terrorism are so categorized because they publicly made anti-American statements, "something that's not surprising if you've been locked up in a U.S. prison camp for several years." If all 18 people on the "confirmed" list have "returned" to the battlefield, that would amount to 4 percent of the detainees who have been released.

It wouldn't hurt for some to also know that as of Dec, 2008 around 50-60 detainees have been cleared for release, but have not actually been released due to difficulties in repatriating them. The unrepatriated include ethnic Uighurs who were training to fight for independence from the Chinese government in Xinjiang province, and who are now wanted by the Chinese authorities.

President Obama is seeming to keep his campaign promises and seems to be taking the country in a different direction, which is sorely needed.

This admin is inheriting some big problems from the economy to the US reputation with the rest of the world and everything in between.

I think everyone should want to see Obama succeed for if he fails the country fails. I'm still being cautiously hopeful.

I think we will know who Obama is and which direction he is truly planning on taking out country in the first 100 days. But remember everyone Obama said TOGETHER and I do believe it is true we all need to work together to get the US back on her feet, there will be plenty of time later for partisanship.

Anonymous said...

Obama takes a logical approach toward the many problems he and the nation face. He first gathers information before making what have so far been good decisions.

There will, of course, be mistakes. But he is both fast and efficient in his approach.

Those in his administration say he starts each meeting asking questions and giving all of his advisers opportunity for input. Then he offers a synopsis of the points made before making his decisions.

He's putting together his administration quickly because there's so much to do. He's already made important decisions,like the order to close Guantanamo. This is changing world opinion for the better toward the United States.

But he has just started. He is still pushing Congress to approve the stimulus economic plan that involves tax cuts and will generate employment and get the markets moving again. He is focused on generating technological development. He's focused on problems of the Middle East, appointing George Mitchell his envoy to concentrate on a peace between Israel and the Palestinians. He announced there will be high level dialogue with Iran but says if that's not successful Tehran will suffer sanctions.

He's ordered an accounting of the bail out money that's already been given to 300 companies. They have 30 days to show how the money was used. If they don't, then the Justice Department will investigate. He's also announced better oversight during the next round of grants and loans.

He is focused on the economy with a goal of creating jobs for those who are newly unemployed.

He has changed his positions over the recent years to meet the changing demands and times. He has both domestic support and world opinion of him is high.

Let's hope he maintains this vision and skill level throughout his term of office.


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I think Facetious Mouse' statements at the end of her post ring true. Like it or not, love him or hate him, he is the POTUS, and in him the immediate future of the US rests. It is not the time for partisanship, no matter what the country is that you live in (Well maybe except for the Palestinian Authority and Iran lol)
The world financial crisis has not just taken the past 8 years to develop, thus the responsibility for the current crisis lies with all parties.