Monday, February 2, 2009

Addressing The Global Economic Crisis

Emira Woods, co-director of foreign policy in focus at the Institute for Policy Studies believes that the "core underpinning of most of the global economy" has come undone.

Woods, my guest today on News Talk Online on, believes now is the time for a global solution to the problem. She believes the very capitalistic system is at risk.

"So few people," she observes, "have been able to enrich themselves. The majority of this planet ... is going without."


RICESKI said...

Interesting guest with in my experience little ability to encompass the entire scope of the landscape. Nice enough though.

Anonymous said...

This woman was pushing pure socialism, so if that's what you favour she was singing your song!
She was also quite clearly in favour of a global economy, although she was clearly not certain about who would run it apart from some 'international agency'.