Friday, February 6, 2009

Callers Evenly Split On Stimulus Plan

Callers to News Talk Online on were pretty evenly split today over whether or not President Obama's economic stimulus plan should be approved.

Jann in California says of the plan: "There's nothing that I can see that ... can stimulate new jobs." She fears the money will only go into paying for government positions.

Jacqueline in Missouri worries about how the plan would put the nation even further into debt. "The stimulus plan,'' she says, "...will have to be funded ... and we don't have that money" extending, she argues, the national deficit beyond $1 trillion.

Cassandra in the UK agrees, comparing the projected debt of the United states to the GDP of India.

But Rachel in Louisiana favors the plan and is upset with Republicans who are trying to block it. "I'm a little bit outraged," she says. "There's a huge bipartisanship problem."

Eric in Iowa agrees. He says that while he is dubious the plan would work, the GOP is putting party ahead of country: "They are willing to throw away this country on a whim."

To those who fear that the Obama plan is flawed because it will take so long for any of the money to be distributed and circulate, Silvia in Argentina suggests a dose of reality. "It takes time," she says, noting that he's only been president less than a month.

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Jannhere said...

Gary I could not respond to your comment on my gov job comment. You stated fixing the infastructure would help create new jobs, but what you may not understand is the state takes care of the roads. NOT private industry. In California it is called CalTrans and they work at a snail pace.