Monday, February 16, 2009

El Presidente For Life?

Like New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez wanted to eliminate a term limit that would have kept him from running for office again.

Yesterday, a national referendum eliminating the term limits was passed. Clearing the way for Chavez to seek what he really wants: the office of the president for life.

The measure deeply divided Venezuela. There is a lot of discontent over the economy there. Now that oil prices, which drive the nation's economy, are down.

But Chavez had an ace up his sleeve during the election. He used state funds to push for passage of the referendum.

He must now stand for re-election in 2012. But with the help of his incumbency, he may just be successful again.

Chavez was one of George W. Bush's boogie men over the past eight years. This presented Chavez with the foil he needed to coalesce national unity over a target. But with Bush gone, Chavez needs to find new perceived enemies for his countrymen and women to rally around.


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Anonymous said...

Dictators are living proof of what DeFoe said about power: Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Their position isn't one of the people's servant. Rather, it's one of the people's owner. And Chavez is no different.

Anonymous said...

Chavez's goal is to make his country a socialist dictatorship, then to spread his poison across Latin America.

Oh he was ELECTED you say? So was Adolph Hitler!

Anonymous said...

Just do not give Obama the same idea !!!! President for Life lets just call a spade a spade .... he is a comunist and wants to be the next dictator in the region.

Vandenplas84 said...

Yet again the americans seem afraid of a 3rd world leader. America should worry about their own problems instead of trying to police everything. All this does is create ammunition for the Islamofacists and keeps america spending billions trying to tackle the worlds problems. Chavez wont be popular forever, politicians never are.

Anonymous said...

I have always felt that Bush was Chavez's biggest asset. Our gov't's attempt to overthrow Chavez during Bush's first term certainly backfired, and probably made Chavez far more radical than he would otherwise have been.

The people of the United States deserved better than Bush, and the people of Venezuela, a country with a history of democracy and freedom, deserves better than Chavez.

Anonymous said...

There's a new book out by 2 authors who were sympathetic to Chavez in 1998. Now they've written a book called "The Threat Closer to Home" noting that Chavez desires and has the power to bring America to its knees. When we're not doing it to ourselves. Chavez doesn't need to find new perceived enemies: he uses America all the time and it works just fine. He's bought voters and is settling into a dictatorship.
The people who blame Bush for everything need to find a new perceived enemy to rally around.
Deborah Young

Anonymous said...

The economy is reeling and people are looking for a scapegoat. The leader of the country points to one, the Jew. Soon editorials appear in state supported news papers and over the airwaves. It is every citizen’s duty to confront the Jew in public. The louder the confrontation, the better. Others say it is necessary to boycott Jewish-owned businesses including stores and restaurants across the country. There are calls to seize the property of Jews. Opposition demonstrations are blamed on leaders who…quote…”have Jewish sounding names” unquote. The synagogue is broken into and defaced, even the sacred Torah is defiled and shredded, and the names and addresses of Jews are carefully spirited away, possibly for evils to come.

You say you know this story? Do you? Do you know what is to follow? If you answer “yes” then please tell me because I am no psychic. I don’t know what is to follow because the above events are a not a recounting of the events in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. No, these events took place and are still taking place today in 2009 in Venezuela. As was the case in Germany the rest of the world stands by saying, “Surely nothing else will happen…” even as the rights of Venezuelan Jews are shredded in the same way the Torah was destroyed by the vandals who ransacked the synagogue in Caracas. Those vandals, by the way, included five police officers and a police intelligence operative. This is by the government’s own admission.

It can’t happen AGAIN can it?

Yes, it can. The fact that all of this has already happened proves it is possible as a sleeping world continues to look the other way. Can Kristallnacht be far behind? Do we really have to wait until Venezuela’s Jews are herded into concentration camps before the world says something? WILL the world say anyting, even then? How many will have to die before we take notice? It was 6-million in the 30’s and 40’s…but Venezuela’s Jewish population isn’t even 100-thousand. Can they be made to “disappear” without anyone taking notice? If Hitler had stopped at 100-thousand would the world have noticed? I bet the answer is “no”. I also bet Hugo Chavez knows that to be the case.

We’ve already shown a great propensity to ignore the past. Venezuela is on a road that can only lead to one dreadfully final solution for the Jews of that nation unless the world makes it clear right now that it is watching and will not tolerate a Venezuelan Kristallnacht! Are YOU watching too?

Anonymous said...

This is what the world needs, another Dictator.

Chavez should be watched very closely, his idelogy might be very detrimental to US interests in the region.

Vicente Duque said...

This is very sad and even shameful for all Latin Americans and for Latinos in the USA.

This guy has bought the Population with gifts from his big coffers.

Many Services and Products in Venezuela are extremely cheap, below cost, for example electricity, cooking gas, gasoline, tires, combustibles, lubricants, telephones, metro fares, buses, and many "basket" products for the daily eating.

All these subsidies are easy to keep when you are getting many billions of dollars from high oil prices. And his friends and partisans steal money like madmen.

Many of those guys in red shirts are just an ignorant populace that receives "free lunches" ... and that is what the Venezuelan Economy is :

A "free lunch" economy, a "Santa Claus" economy. There are thousands of state loans to useless people that never repay, and thousands of little projects that fail. And 10 Marshall Plans are squandered in this demgoguery, and a populace that is not entrepreneurial.

Because almost everything that Venezuela exports is state owned, like oil, aluminium, steel, oil derivatives, etc ...

That is a dangerous economy.

But add the Moral and Ethical aspect of Chavez : a guy that has supported murderous guerrillas, that is backing and helping Big Genocide and Murder against thousands of Children, Women and the Old : land mines, bombs in supermarkets or commercial areas.

And a Madman preaching hate against decent nations and burning incense to the Dictator of Cuba.

Vicente Duque

phillymaster said...

hugo Chavez's is nothing but a Fidel Castro wanna be that will fail