Monday, February 2, 2009

Is Obama Being Too Nice?

Too nice?

I heard Democratic strategist James Carville on the Don Imus show suggest this morning that President Obama's consolatory nature may have to soon go by the wayside in his dealings with recalcitrant Republicans who believe they can block his economic stimulus package in the Senate.

Obama's demeanor is one of attempting to quietly elicit cooperation. But Republicans, trying to prove that they aren't pushovers and with serious objections over some of the intended recipients of the government's largess under the package, are mounting an effort to block the plan.

Clearly, the Republican point-of-view must be heard. And the administration should seriously consider their objections to ensure that there is no pork barrelling in this package. These are issues that the loyal opposition is supposed to raise.

But to arbitrarily attempt to block the package altogether, rather than adopt the same bi-partisan approach as is the president, is disconcerting at a time when the nation's economic future is hanging in the balance.

At the Republican National Convention, party leaders rolled out a new political marketing campaign. Country First! they trumpeted. It's time for them to make good on that promise and place country ahead of party.


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Anonymous said...

I think its to early to tell whether Obama is being nice or not he hasnt been president for more then a month yet

Anonymous said...

Placing the country deeper into debt, is NOT placing "County First", it is placing "Bankers First". There is no way any amount of 'stimulation' can be done without taking on more and more debt. That debt MUST be paid in the future, as we are paying for the debt incurred in the past. What we have going on here is a form of "Generational Tyranny", the people who will be called on to pay this debt, in some cases have not even been born yet.
By the way, this effort is not just being blocked by some republicans, they were joined by some democrats, who see the future in this plan, and are not willing to sacrifice our childrens prosperity, to satisfy their political needs today.
Right now there are a few Democrats on the correct side of this issue, including Dennis Kucinich, (D-Ohio). Although I usually disagree with Mr Kucinich, he is hitting the nail square on the head with this issue. He understands that the entire problem here is that we have a debt backed currency system, which in his words, "is no more federal than Federal Exppress". I cannot blame him for voting against this, he is absolutely correct. He and 62 other democrats are to be applauded, despite party presure, and media pressure, thay are doing what is correct..... Bebe_zilla

Anonymous said...

With all the pork in this "stimulus" package I cant blame the Republicans for not wanting it to pass. As to whether Obama is being too nice. I don't think he is. But then that is my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Thank GOD the republicans are standing up for the AMERICAN PEOPLE.The dems paln will lead this country to its doom !!!

woody said...

Obama is actting "Too Nice" while the rest of America suffers. Unless he can get America out of this depression like FDR did than Obama will tied to Herbert Hoover. His so called honeymoon is over especially with the US people and Congress is trying to shove Trillion Dollars to help hollywood the big 3 car makers but they have forgotten as well as Obama have forgotten the American people.

Anonymous said...

OR there is a third possibility. MAYBE the republicans don't agree with the bill at all. In which case they should NOT support any of it.
This might be the typical republican office holder thinking, "OOPS, we forgot the base for a few years and LOOK, there are not many of us left in office. HMMMM. Maybe we should remember the base when we are considering issues..."

Anonymous said...

How come when speaking of this the sort of language is uded that implies that it is a deliberate attempt by Republicans to 'block' the plan? Surely that is using emotive language, when what in truth the Republicans are in all probability doing is objecting to aspects of the deal, and THIS is seen by the deal's proponents as being obstructive. There are always 2 sides to a coin.

As for Obama being conciliatory, I very much doubt that - more likely he is weighing up all sides before he makes a final move!! (how's that for cynicism? lol)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I had to say something more, this "stimulus" package includes 650 million for DTV coupons, 600 million for new vehicles for the federal government, having our medical records electronic and available (invasion of privacy?) and some other anti religious additions. Sorry I am proud of the Republicans for putting Country First and NOT going for this.

No_Strings said...

First of all, "Woody" FDR did not get us out of a depresion. Second of all. more money faster will only mean more debt faster. Obama has to be "nice" just like he will be to our enemys. Than Obama can turn to the camera and say. I was nice and tryed to do something while all the while he is nice and will do nothing and blame it on the republicans. Even though the repulicans are the ones trying to control the waste. and this plan is alot of waste. Hmmm, wasn't cutting the waste part of the Obama plan? WOW how quicky it all turns the dems once again show who they truly are and people don't see it through the smoke and mirrors. PS. Sorry for any typo's. I and in a hurry, lol

Swati said...

Sometimes it feels like the Republicans are over-compensating for the 8 years of economic debacle. Don't expect miracles - the economy is not going to change overnight. Republicans know it - but they are 'putting up a fight'. Hey I don't grudge them their 15 minutes of righteousness. And no - Obama is not being too nice. Rather he reminds me of a wild cat - waiting - he will have his moment.