Sunday, February 1, 2009

Israel Vows Retaliation


Four more rockets have been fired into Israel from the Gaza and the current prime minister, Ehud Olmert, is promising swift and decisive reaction.

Olmert has been criticized by Benjamin Netanyahu, a former prime minister and candidate for that office this month, for ceasing operations in the Gaza after 22 days in an attempt to stop the Hamas rocket attacks. Clearly, while Israel's overwhelming attack was devastating, it didn't completely put an end to the rocket firing.

The Israeli public has moved much further to the right over the issue of Gaza as a result of the attacks. In the three years that Israel has been out of the Gaza, there have been 3,000 rocket attacks - 1,000 of them last year alone.

The world criticism of those attacks has been muted. Probably because they are largely ineffective. But effective or not, Israel has the right to defend itself against the attacks.

Israel's problem has been that if it uses its military might to stop the attacks, it gets accused of a "disproportional response" and worse.

Yet politically, and in terms of the nation's self preservation, the Israeli government can't rightly sit on its collective hands forever while people live in fear of raining rockets.

Perhaps the current tit for tat response will engender less criticism of Israel. Perhaps not. But one must wonder why the critical assessment is always focused on the victim.

Of course, there are those who will argue that the Palestinians are the true victims. That they live in squalor because of the Israelis.

There is a clamor to open up the border between Israel and the Gaza. There's less a call to open up the border between Gaza and Egypt.

Former President Jimmy Carter said on Larry King Live that he's spoken with the leaders of Hamas and they've assured him that the rocket attacks will stop if Israel opens the border. Of course, they'll likely replace those rocket attacks with the much more effective suicide bombings that ended with the border closing.

The west has been pushing for decades for a two-state solution. But Hamas vows the destruction of Israel. Very few commentators speak of this. It's much more popular to claim that Israel is expansionist and is committing genocide against the Palestinians.

If one wants a solution, one must look at this logically. So long as there's an entity in charge of the Gaza that continues to strive for the elimination of Israel, there will be a closed border. So long as the rocket attacks continue, Israel will retaliate, and likely, if Netanyahu is elected, with greater intensity than now.

Until this threat is mitigated, both the Israelis and, in larger numbers, the Palestinians, will suffer.

Billions of dollars has been pumped into the Palestinian territories for humanitarian and infrastructure purposes. Much of that largess has been seized by Hamas to fund weapons to use against Israel. Much of it has disappeared - totally unaccounted for.

Again, there's little talk of this corruption - the syphoning off of money that was intended to help the Palestinian people. It's much easier, and much more popular, to blame Israel for their plight.

One needs only to contrast the withdrawal from the Gaza with Israel's withdrawal from the Sinai. Israel and its once sworn enemy, Egypt, now live in peace. So can the Israelis and the Palestinians, if there's a political will. But that political will must come from both sides.

In the meantime, U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell, after meeting with leaders on both sides, and, perhaps more notably, after meeting with Netanyahu, returned to the United States with a pessimistic assessment of the prospects of future peace. The situation now is untenable and is likely, to the determent of those on both sides of the border, likely to get worse.


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ambrosine shitrit said...

It has taken four long days for any sort of mention to the breaking of the ceasfire by Hamas from any of the major News tv networks. Sky news managed to crux out a fifty second comment on bombs entering Israel from Gaza today. No crys from Annie Lennox or George Galloway,no whining from the Muslim or "Rent a Socialist Mob of the unemployed "protest groups.

Time to respond "disproportionately'into Gaza. Once Israel retaliates, just wait how many news stations start forgetting about their brothers in terror Hamas.

Anonymous said...

Let me share a piece I read the other day Gary (I would like to copy and paste it and pretend it was mine, but sadly it isn't)

The East wants to kill us, and the West wants us to commit suicide.

Well, Obama is now President of the United States, Mitchell is sent here to 'fix' the Middle East, and no doubt, another peace plan will be brought before the Israeli public to give up even more land, and it will once again be touted as THE answer to FINALLY bring peace to the region. Yawn. Below is an article I wrote back in 2007- with some added changes. I think it is very apt for what we are about to see bombarding us again in the news and on our television screens in the near future. Stay tuned.

After reading below, I think you will see how little anything has changed. The East wants to kill us, and the West wants us to commit suicide. Either way, they want us dead.
A corpse is a corpse. Oslo is dead. The formula of 'land for peace' is dead.

I used to be a news editor and broadcaster. I know a lot of the tricks the media uses to emphasize what they want to and still claim to be honest when reporting the news. The way in which one writes the news can be very subjective, while not seeming so to the public. A listener has to be very savvy to recognize the ways in which a news piece can be used in order to sway their thinking.

Anti-Israel media corporations will broadcast their news with lines such as: "Israeli occupation soldiers shot at a Gazan hospital killing two Palestinians...." Let's examine this one line.

First, the term "occupation soldiers" is subjective and makes the listener already assume that Israel is deserving of any violence that happens, because they shouldn't be there. Second, the news broadcast omitted important and vital facts of the story, such as why the Israeli soldiers were shooting at the Gazan hospital. Perhaps they were forced to do so because the terrorists were shooting from there in the first place? Ah, yes, but those facts are not in the interest of the broadcaster's or station's political agenda.

Then there is the news story saying that Israeli soldiers killed two Arabs "near" a Jewish community. What they omit saying is that the two Arabs were trying to sneak into the Jewish community on a terror murder spree, and that weapons and ammunition were found on their bodies.

When reading the news, a broadcaster's emphasis here or a pause there can change the facts in a listener's head.

When I worked in broadcast news, it almost gave me ulcers, especially the day after a terror attack. One would think that the day that an attack happens is the worst, as the body counts get higher and higher throughout the day. But even when the number of dead go higher and higher, it's not as emotionally caustic -as the next day. It is the following day when those 'numbers' become people. They had names and lives. They had husbands, wives, children, and parents. That's when the immensity and pain really sears into one's heart (if a journalist still has one). The 'following' day is when we see the funerals. To hear the relatives screaming, hear the children crying for their mommy that they will never have to kiss and hold them again. To hear the story of their lives at jobs, at home, to hear how they helped others and how they will be missed. And that does not include the injured who will never be the same again. Yes, those were the hardest days. The world's promises of peace turned into a nightmare.

The Israeli elections are coming up now, along with the new U.S. Administration who again is promising to interfere in Israel's affairs. Another peace plan will be issued that will bleed Israel even more. It brings an evil deja vu of those days, where the media will be used to build a golden dream made of wishful thinking, folly and falsehoods and passed off as a great event.

Remember the Olmert-Abbas 2007 peace plan, with the planned signing of yet another "peace" agreement between the PLO and Israel? It was built up to be the new Messiah. They claimed we will have a new opportunity for peace, because Yasser Arafat is dead and now we have his successor, Mahmoud Abbas. But really, nothing has changed. Abbas is the man who earned his PhD by writing a dissertation denying the Holocaust. He has a long history of terror involvement, one aspect of which was finding the funds and helping to plan the mass murder of 11 of our young Israeli athletes in the 1972 Olympics in Munich Germany. Since Arafat's death it has really only been a change from Terrorist A to Terrorist B.

The PLO has never changed its charter calling for the destruction of Israel and it still has the whole State of Israel on their "map of Palestine." They still teach hatred of Jews and perpetrate acts of terror against us. The promises they make in English are quickly explained away in Arabic to their populations. Their signatures on documents, handshakes and smiles, photo shoots and all the other pomp are just cosmetics. It's like taking a corpse, applying some beige make up base on his face, rouge on his cheeks, red lipstick on his cold lips and then proclaiming, "Look how healthy he looks!"

This "peace plan" and the next, and the next, and the next is just another dead Oslo. The media, however, will again work in tandem with the International community making the next Mitchell peace-plan into the news event of the year. Obama will ride in on a donkey and peace will reign in the world. But pushing the same dead 'land for peace' formula on Israel is a futile quest for peace. There's no military solution they tell us? Oh, really? Well, the Hamas seems to think there is. The Hezbollah seems to think there is. Even America thinks there is! Look at their war in Afghanistan and Iraq. In fact, every war in this world was solved by a military solution. It is only when the Jews can finally win militarily, that all of a sudden, there is no military solution.

For anyone who wants to know what will bring peace to this region and the world, see the article I wrote called, "The Isaiah Plan".

I will stick my neck out and make a prediction here. I believe that the next attempt by the world to implement their peace plan here will be with foreign troops. Already there is talk again to divide and internationalize our capital, Jerusalem. Of course this will be done cosmetically and touted as the best thing since chocolate and peanut butter. They'll disguise this invasion as something positive -and can't you just hear Obama saying something like: "Ah, we are bringing in peace keeping troops to ah, ensure that all peoples can feel safe."

They may begin with bringing troops to the south of the country. And Obama would continue, "In the name of peace and security, we want to ah, make sure that there is no smuggling of weapons from Egypt into Gaza, -for Israel's security. We ah, also believe that this moving in of International peace-keeping troops will also give the Arabs in Gaza a feeling of security from Israeli attacks on the Hamas. We ah, believe that this move ah, will benefit all parties and bring peace and security ah, to all."

Well, we've seen how well peace keeping troops have worked in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah is now even stronger than it was before the 2nd Lebanon War, all under the noses of these U.N. peace keeping troops that were brought in to ensure peace.

People should be asking, how can it be that our leaders of today would voluntarily give up our sovereignty after all we have experienced? Wasn't one of the reasons for making the modern State of Israel to never have to rely on others for our safety and protection? How can we willfully let the world bring in troops to guarantee our security? Where is our pride as a nation, our independence we fought so hard for? Has it all gone and died? Will the corpse of Oslo come back to destroy us? Oh, no, we will dress up the corpse and paint a friendly smile on it and slap it with another name and bring it back to life.

The media will broadcast the news of this latest "peace initiative" as our savior and only hope to live, while the Oslo Corpse stalks the streets of our cities and skies killing our people and sucking the life-blood of the nation.

A corpse is still a corpse. Oslo is dead. Let's keep it that way, and remember: The East wants to kill us, and the West wants us to commit suicide. There IS a military solution to evil as we know from WWII, by crushing the enemy, transferring their populations back home, and then re-educating. "The Isaiah Plan" is a good basis to work from. It teaches us to mete out justice to evil doers, punishing them, not rewarding them for their terror. Our great prophet, Isaiah told us this in 32:17: "The product of righteousness shall bring peace; and the effect of righteousness, quiet and security forever."

Anonymous said...

If I were in a situation where a smaller but armed person continually attacked me, I would first try to put up a defense. I would ask my friends for help. If the defenses were not enough, and if the help didn't come, I would fight back.
Others might stand at a safe distance and critisize. The store owner might say he won't sell me more food if I don't stop fighting back, but what good is food if I am killed? Even my "friends" might be more concerned with their own issues than mine, and offer little support.
Other nations are not being attacked by Hamas. Threats of economic sanctions mean nothing if Israel is destroyed and thus unable to trade with anyone. The USA has interesting issues with OPEC for its oil import needs, and its support for Israel is somewhat muted. The most the USA does is hold back its critisizm, and remembering past conflicts, it doesn't always do that.
So, GO ISRAEL!!! Friendly relationships are great, but you need to exist to have them.

RICESKI said...

How many times do you let a punk poke you in the chest before you stop him? The Hamaz' -Fatah combination is like a poke in the chest as they shoot non lethal yet damaging rockets into Israel proper. It is time to stop them in light of the fact that trillions not billions have been spent in the area on Arab Muslims. Giving these people money only encourages more poking. The only people who care about these rouges having their own country in reality are the Islamic nations. These Nations collectively house the most horrid of people - the Islamic suicide bombers. God help us to stop these Islamic's from destroying the world as we know it. Abort Islam not babies.

Tibetan Angel said...

Well from my continual observations, this ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict is never ending, and im going to be quiet blunt, both sides are not accepting each others religion, or culture, though one side does show a continual vow for annilation of the jewish people, but oddly enough i heard the same annilation comments in the paltalk human rights section, the Irael support room against the palestinians, and vice versus, the palestine support room. I was shocked by what i heard, i also along with the rest of the outside world, I am supposed to drop my entire life, and personal affairs to study Israel's issues 100%, well how ridulous is that, I had made comments about, how about showing compassion,(i didnt state stop fighting)and not celebrating the death of palestinians in gaza, u fight a war, soldiers against soldiers, not against children and civilians (re-both sides)and then celebrate, wars are not for popping champagne! i did not show, or state that i supported hamas, or terrorists who use women and children for shields, as i certainly don't. I have seen palestinians say on video in gaza that they can not talk for, or against any organization in palestine, as they are being monitered, well that is pretty obvious that hamas is controlling the people, so why are the people who are against hamas, being persecuted along with the real enemy re-hamas and their allies, who we all know are! no names mentioned here, for thy safety too. Israel says " well palestinians voted for hamas". well did they voluntarily vote?? or were they forced by hamas?. This conflict will never end as long as both sides are fighting a war of religion, u can not ever have peace in any country that is dominant in any one religion, u can have as many treaties and cease fires as u want, but as long as all sides refuse to let each other live their own life, without controlling culture. How can u have equanimity and peace in a country that has a national anthem for one religion, ie; u cant expect other cultures to sing a national anthem that is a based on one religion, get real! i believe the jewish people do deserve to have their own country, as they did originate from the region in question, they certainly did not drop out of the sky from space! but can they share it without using their relgion to control the culture in Israel, many christians have said they have been ostracized by jewish, and apparently other religions are not allowed to convert others in Israel to their religion, come on this is not equanimity which is 100% essential for peace and harmony. If Irael and Palestinians, think outsiders should but out with their opinions, then maybe both sides should get off the nightly news every day; every week, and every year and maybe we can see all the other suffering countries that are in desperate need of media attention, and intervention, as the innocent civillians in dictator controlled countries, cannot even get access to human rights or weapons 100%. So how about these warring parties think about them for a change, and learning how to effectivly share culture, and bulldozing palestinian farmland, and farm animals 30,000 palestinian chickens bulldozed by IDF as seen on video news SBS Australia Feb 1/2009 will not bring peace to Israel ever. Then u have hamas training little children as young as 4 years, shown many a time in military combat clothing and weaponary, and brainwashing children against the israeli's. These methods on both sides are atrocious. Try something differant, look at countries that are not fighting, and why are they succeeding in not fighting?, this question is for both sides to contemplate on. There will be no winners in this war, the way its going.