Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Paying For Obama's Agenda Topic On Paltalk

The means of paying for President Obama's vision for economic recovery, better educational opportunities, improved health care and more ecologically friendly energy alternatives was the topic of discussion on News Talk Online on today.

Among the callers addressing the issue:

Cassandra in the United Kingdom, who said, Obama's speech outlining his economic agenda was one that "appeals to the emotions." But that doesn't explain where the money is coming from. "Emotions alone," she said, "don't hack it."

Jann in California fears all that Obama wants to do will mean thinner paychecks for all. "They're going to do the same they just did here in California," she predicted. "They are going to raise taxes."

And Sammy in Illinois expressed concern that Obama's vision will change what the United States stands for. "We've never lived in the United States," he opined, "with a more socialist agenda."


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine told me an amusing little story that I think illustrates what many are fearing might happen in the current economic landscape.

Two antique rug sellers traded in a street almost opposite each other. One day rug trader A went to rug trader B and said, "That's a fine rug you have there, how much do you want for it?" Rug trader B told him it would cost $1000, and A quite readily paid for it.
A few days later Rug trader B went to A and asked how much he would sell the rug for. Rug trader A gave it some thought then said $1200. Rug trader B readily paid this money and trotted off back to his shop, rug under his arm.
Yet a few more days on the scene repeated with Rug trader A asking the price of the rug of B. The price this time rose to $1500 which A reluctantly paid.
Yet another day further on Rug trader B trotted over to A and, not seeing the rug on display asked where it was. Rug trader A said - I sold it. Rug trader B said "Why did you go and do that? We were making a good profit here"

Anonymous said...

gary whats our great country comming to.. its sad that the greatness we once had is slipin away day by day.. i been all over the world iv seen it all and i dont wanna see this country goin down the same path thos countrys that has gone, the gov is getting to big. god bless every 1 and there familys and keep the faith.. always be ready for the worse and pray it never happens