Friday, February 13, 2009

Romance Expert Discusses Valentine's Day associate editor Genevieve Lill believes red roses, the old standby, still do the trick today on Valentine's Day. But she encourages guys to think outside the box when doing something for their significant others.

"The idea," she said during an interview on News Talk Online on, "really is to make it personal."

And it doesn't have to be an expensive proposition. For example, she suggests writing a love letter to your lover. "Something tangible you can hang onto."

Or, she says, you can donate to charity in your lover's name.

Lill says one pitfall to avoid: if you're buying her lingerie, make sure you don't buy a size too large.

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Lorrie Robinson said...

my comment is that why do people always look for buying there loved ones something for every single holiday going ,,,yes it is nice to have but that is not whats important , just being with the ones you love is very important , why does money always have to come into play, i guess noone in this world knows the true meaning of love , money does not buy love , to me money is just an addiction , if u want someone to know that u love them just being with them and telling them how much u care is more then enough , u should not have to buy anything to show them that u love them .just being with them is what really matters , but i guess nooone sees that but me