Sunday, February 22, 2009

Schwartzenegger Offers To Take Other GOP Gov's Money

Several Republican governors are threatening to reject all or part of the stimulus money earmarked for their states on principle. Because they don't support the program.

But the governor of cash strapped California says, don't worry. He'll be happy to take that money off his fellow Republican governor's hands.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, in an interview with Politico, says if they don't want the millions of dollars in federal government largess, he can use it to stimulate the economy in his state.

Schwarzenegger is, if nothing else, a pragmatist. If you are a governor or a mayor, it doesn't really matter if you believe the stimulus package will reverse the current economic downturn. You need that money to keep your local or state government afloat.

Turning it down on a matter of principle is shooting yourself in the foot. Of course, many of the governors who are threatening to say thanks but no thanks to Washington will, in the end, not only take the money but will try to use their public stance to help launch their runs for the Republican nomination for president. Especially if they are right and the economy hasn't begun recovery until then.

This is the kind of partisan hedge betting that the nation really doesn't need right now. But it should come as no surprise, given the way the vote on the stimulus package pretty much followed party lines.

The veracity of members of Congress who debated and then voted on the bill would have been better had more Democrats voted no and more Republicans yes. But then, I guess the concept of putting country before party, even in times of dire economic crisis, hasn't taken hold on Capitol Hill.

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Anonymous said...

I would guess the leaders in a State would have to decide what comes first, principles or reality.
Arnie is, as you say, a real pragmatist - and I am sure it will galvanise others into saying HELL NO!!
Whilst not agreeing entirely with all aspects of the stimulus package I don't see the point in throwing away something that could do even a small amount of good

IsabellaSays said...

This shows who really has their peoples' wellbeing at heart. I congratulate Arnie on being one of the good guys who obviously believe in doing their job as governor of their state!!

Anonymous said...

Would any of the governor's really cut off their noses to spite themselves?

Maybe if they thought it might mean a ticket to a run for the White House.

But if I were a governor of a state I'd remember who elected me and who I am working for NOW. And if I can't provide for my state, how can anyone expect that I'd be able to provide for my country?

Those governors who are playing political football with this stimulus plan are actually courting political danger. This strategy can, and probably will, backfire on them.

Andrea said...

Right... So I guess he won't need all the tax money he just stole from us Californian last week then.

The Governors of states like Louisiana are concerned about the kinds of socialist strings come with accepting stimulus money from Obama's government. They didn't say they wouldn't take it, they said they want to know what comes along with it. If the stimulus money is going to go to pet projects, welfare recipients and others who don't deserve it (while those who work hard get very little but higher taxes), good for those governors!