Friday, February 6, 2009

Stimulus Plan Topic On Paltalk


President Obama is warning of dire consequences if his economic stimulus package is not passed. Republicans are trying to trim the package.

Former Massachusetts governor and a candidate last year for the Republican nomination for president Mitt Romney believes that there are too many pet projects that Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi favor in the package. He argues that it will take years for the government projects to be approved and for the money to flow into the economy. And he says that the Government Budget Office has said that the plan will, in the long run, hurt the economy ... "the last thing," he said on CNN, that the American people want to hear.

Instead, Romney, a successful businessman, favors putting money back into the hands of the people. Predicting that people will spend that money, seeding the economy now, not later.

But there are others who say, if you give money to the people directly, they will use it to pay off their debts. Thereby giving the money right back to the very financial institutions that created this crisis. Financial institutions that, after receiving bailout money, used the cash for purposes other than freeing up lines of credit as intended.

The nation, and the world, is at a crossroads. How should government address the economic crisis? What do you think of the stimulus plan? Are you behind the president? Or do you support Republican efforts to trim the package because of what they see as wasteful spending?

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James said...

The President walks a very fine line where the economy is concerned. Stimulus projects are nothing new. And the development of projects aimed at putting peoplee back to work is no new concept either. Personally, I think if the taxpayer pays of their debt with stimulus money, so be it. Congress has already shown that the are not all that concerned with how the taxpayer's money is spent. Why would it be less appropriate for the taxpayer to pay off debt, than it was for walstreet to pay out bonuses with taxpayer dollars?