Friday, February 20, 2009

Subway Searches And Netanyahu

The alleged racial and ethnic profiling of subway riders to be searched in New York City and the probability that Benjamin Netanyahu will be the next prime minister of Israel were the main topics on today's News Talk Online on

The first half of the show was about a lawsuit filed on behalf of a man whose parents are from south Asia by the New York Civil Liberties Union. The suit alleges that he was profiled and searched 21 times since police began random searches of subway passengers in 2005. The police deny they racially profile.

Cassandra in the United Kingdom says there's too much sensitivity about this issue. "Political correctness," she says, "has gone absolutely berserk. Terrorism is a reality." The searches, she argues, are a "very small price to pay."

Boaz in California wants to know why the ACLU hasn't spoken out on terrorism. The organization, he says, was formed to protect the Constitution. Isn't terrorism, he asks, against the Constitution?

Adele in Texas says she too has been stopped for additional searches before "every single flight I have taken since September 11, 2001" and is isn't offended. "I'd like to know exactly what injuries he's suffered," she asks, "except maybe his feeling's hurt."

But Silvia in Argentina says it's important to be careful to not discriminate when protecting passengers from terrorism. She wants to know how many guilty people or terrorists have been caught through profiling subway passengers.

Sylvia in New York, however, welcomes the searches. "It would be my pleasure," she says, "to have a policeman search me."

Lively from Chicago put her husband on the microphone to talk about his experiences being searched before boarding a plane in Israel. The security there, he says, made him feel "pretty safe to be in that country."

On the issue of Netanyahu being given the go-ahead to try to form a coalition government in Israel, several people commented.

Gary from South Carolina says Netanyahu's tough stance toward terrorists will serve Israel well. "How many rockets are acceptable?" he asked. "Any idiot," he said, answering his own question, "knows that the answer is zero." He says that if Israel eliminates Hamas as Netanyahu wishes, it will be "doing the rest of us a favor."

But Ramin from the UK wonders how tough Netanyahu would truly be with Israel's enemies. "Netanyahu was in power before," he says. "About Iran, he did nothing."


Anonymous said...

This was a good show Gary, and lots of commentary both on mic and in text.
What I find disconcerting is that the majority base their judgments on what is happening with the leadership in Israel based upon the needs of their own countries. The reality is that Israel has a right to self determination. I noticed that many of the people who were denying this right to Israel were shouting about the rights of Hamas to govern Isn't this a question of double standards, where you deny one the right and uphold the rights of the other - or is it just the sickness that is growing that dictates that we should always be for the underdog, regardless of their righteousness?

Anonymous said...

i believe the zionists can have peace very easily. just give back all the land they took at gunpoint. but they want the land they stole, and submission from the victims.

would you endure this?

al loomis

Anonymous said...

Q.E.D - there we have the victim mentality

Anonymous said...

The poor man.

The big bad policeman asked him to open his bag before he entered the subway. What a horrific case of profiling! What a terrible restriction on his freedom of movement!

How about this for a reality check? The lawsuit: What a terrible waste of tax dollars to have to defend against it and to hear the case!