Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time To Diminish The Nuclear Threat

An accidental launch of a nuclear device by the United States or Russia could result in a response by the other nation that would "wipe out both countries and even the planet."

That grim assessment comes from Lt. Gen. Robert Gard (ret), my guest today on News Talk Online on Paltalk.com.

Gard believes the Obama administration presents to the nation, and the world, a marked change in policy that could result in a further reduction in both Russia and U.S. nuclear arsenals, and fewer nuclear weapons kept in a state of alert.

It's a problem, he says, that the Bush administration ignored for the past eight years. In fact, he says, President Bush favored a policy of launching what it called a "preventative attack" if any one of five nations (later reduced to three) appeared to be threatening the United States with nuclear weapons.

"I believe," Gard says, "it's the intention of the Obama administration to de-emphasize the importance of nuclear weapons."

He says the U.S. continues to hold about 10,000 nuclear weapons in its arsenal. Russia about 18,000. "There's no conceivable need for that number of nuclear weapons," he says. "The one thing that can wipe us out is a massive nuclear attack."

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