Sunday, February 22, 2009

U.S. More Socialist Than Russia?

A comment about socialism made by Russian President Vladamir Putin at the recent opening session of the economic summit at Davos escaped me but was just today brought to my attention by a friend.
Putin warned the United States to learn from the lessons of his nation and avoid what he termed, "excessive intervention in economic activity and blind faith in the state’s omnipotence.” Prompting the following essay from contributor Wayne Boesch.

By Wayne Boesch

This is what I totally dislike about liberal ''messiahs" like Al Gore and Barack Obama. They ignore all the lessons of nature and history and try to push the world toward their little models and ideas. they should learn
from the great and obvious historical models out there:

1. The abject failure of communism/socialism/big government controls which proved out from the period of 1917 till 1990. Putin knows this because he lived it. Obama thinks he is better than nature and history.

2. The failure of any government to stop a recession by adding in lots of pork for the common man. This failed in South America and Japan (yes, Japan) and led to about a decade of problems in Japan. Obama thinks he knows better.

3. FDR himself is calculated to have extended the depression 10 full years (till the advent of World War II) while he saddled the real producers (people making lots of money and creating jobs) with onerous taxes to
support his worthless work programs.

In general, I can't stand liberals because they really believe that they are smarter than you and me and, in fact, smarter than God, since they can ignore basic natural laws and go with their own ideas. For example, Gore would prefer to cripple all world economies for his half-baked idea that carbon dioxide, a veritable trace gas far less than 1 percent of the atmosphere, is causing the Earth to warm.

The Earth may indeed be warming as a rough trend but not because of that. The charts that Gore shows demonstrating positive correlation between temperature and carbon dioxide are flat out folly! He shows coincident graphs, but due to the timescale, no one observes that the temperature is actually rising 800 YEARS before the levels go up!

Also, the primary greenhouse gas is water vapor. The amount of water very directly influences the temperature and this in turn is influenced by cosmic radiation whose principle cause is THE SUN! The solar sunspot cycle is far more important to warming than anything else. Does Gore offer a solution for THAT?

Indeed, we should stop using fossil fuels mainly to kill the Middle East and totalitarian economies where reserves happen to be. This puts a whole new capitalistic light on it, however, and not the gloom and doom of Algorian priesthood.

Similarly, Obama seemed to be a sort of anti-Bushian messiah. The fact that he is black insured victory. I contend no white guy who talked such socialistic nonsense would ever get in. We did it to assuage our own
historic guilt and distance ourselves from the evil Bush.

He has absolutely no experience except within the context of the Illinois political machine. If you listen carefully to him you will hear absolutely nothing new or interesting.

Is it new to tax and spend and control lots of stuff from a bloated central government? I suggest that was the norm before Ronald Reagan. Here it comes again, then, and "O" says it's new and we all believe him! Why do we believe? Partly it's because we want to and partly because we cannot remember the past or learn from its sad examples.

If you doubt what i say, name ONE socialistic economy which is worth its weight in dung. Sweden? The former Soviet Union? Venezuela? North Korea? Cuba?

Learn from history or be doomed to repeat it.

Hurrah for Putin!

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Anonymous said...

An interesting viewpoint, and interesting comments from Putin. Maybe Obama should heed it........ after all, for him it's not an academic theoretical rhetoric, but a real life experience.

Silvia said...

Really Gary is a SHAME that you can publish this kind of called ARTICLE !
First showing the IGNORANCE about Putin and Russia !!!! Please go to read a bit more ,,,,,,Mr ,whoever ,, SOCIALISM IS DIFFERENT THAN COMMUNISM , and the period btw 1911 till 1990 till 2009 …. It is a context that he cant relate , it shows how lack of knowledge of history ,
And , with this horrible posture , that accuses to liberals thst they know everthing and see how he writes who is him Mr Widsom ,,, OMG ,
Talking about Southamerica and Japan ,,,, hey you have no idea , ,,,,
First of all Southamerica is not socialist , sorry, WE DEFEND THE DEMOCRACY WITH BLOOD , try to learn a bit of geography and history and economy ,by the way , we will feed you soon , and how we stop the recession ,for your knowledge :guess how ,, WORKING ,TRAINING, INNOVATING ,CREATING NEW AREAS TO PRODUCE ,, not expecting a government makes all for us , we are free to choose , no one dictates what we want to work to or what we can do ,
The mix you do in this horrible article mention Al Gore , global warming and his topics , with Russia ,, Putin ,,, ?
What is the connection btw the way Obama talks , express, yes I guess you liked your ex president , who hardly can talk ,
Obama , will prove to many LIKE you that there is not a unique model , there are not invented YET ,the model to resist such a hole crisis , this is called invention yes he has to create with many others, like in other ages always there are people with a realistic vision , the economic models , politc models and social models must be renovated ,with the time , and circumstances , and variables that affects them , this is the differences of standards models ,,,,,,,
Compare this to socialism , you have no idea what is it , and less about communism , and if : for saving this disaster should be created new model socialdemo proteccionist , I applaude , this is the good side of being free and a real thinker. this make the difference to RUSSIA ,
Less bigots talks and more work.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this sounds pretty far out - I just heard this yesterday. I don't see how it can be done. Though getting the hell out of Iraq would help.

Anonymous said...

Articles of this type reaffirm my belief that there is an agenda being undertaken to divide people in anyway possible along either political, religious or ethnic lines. Articles like this even though there are some points I can agree with do nothing but serve to divide people and serve no useful purpose in uniting the country.

I also agree the Socialism to Communism comparison is a bit of a stretch as well.

Anonymous said...

What these NeoCon Conservatives like Wayne Boesch fail to address are the 8 years the Libs have put up with under Bush. The Obama Administration (which has only been in office 1 month) is unlike what we've seen in a long time and Very Refreshing so yes, we do see hope and change from the greed of the past and maybe a little overzealous, but we deserve it. Please don't compare Obama with any other leader, he is far from anything we've seen in history. What's disturbing to see are the Neocons who think they can Convince the Libs how bad things are and go over to their side. Not going to happen. EVER

Sonny said...

OH whow.... yes Silvia you are right.... there seems to be a problme in the USA to differ between socialism and communism. Sometimes I do have the feeling, that reading a book with a red envelope can be enough to be suspected as a communist....

In 8 years of a Bush government the debts of the Unites States have been doubled! The republican corner kept quiet. Perhaps they still live in an illusion.
At least the US have a new government with top qualified people ( even republicans are members) and a President Obama who seems to have recognized the reality and who is willing to stop this crisis in his country to bring the US back to known, but obvioulsy lost qualities and power.


Anonymous said...

socialism soft policies
communism Way of life.....
Putin needs some in put!

Anonymous said...

The thing that kills me about conservatives lately is that all I hear is a bunch of cry babies complaining about the "Liberals", yet they never offer up any solutions. Well, you so called conservatives have had plenty of chances in the last many years so I agree that it is time for you to leave.I am absolutely willing to give the opportunity to a new set of people. I hope that Obama succeeds. Oh, and thanks for all of the ideas and solutions Gary (and other lost republicans). Terrible article!!!!!!!!!!!!