Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3 Illegal Aliens Plead Guilty To Federal Kidnapping Charges

Three men who are in the United States illegally have pleaded guilty to charges that they enticed a man from Rhode Island to Georgia to purchase a car and then held him captive to pay off a $300,000 drug debt.

When federal agents freed Oscar Reynoso, 31, he was bound, gagged and dehydrated. The DEA is seeking other suspects in the case.

Victor Abiles Gomez, 20; Omar Mendoza-Villegas, 19, and Gerardo Solorio Reyes, a/k/a "Gera", 21, plead guilty in federal court in Atlanta to hostage-taking and related charges. Reynoso, a drug dealer, originally from the Dominican Republic, had been held captive in a house in Lilburn, Georgia, for a week as the three men from Mexico attempted to extort money from his relatives in Rhode Island.

Unfortunately this case is not atypical as tactics used by drug dealers in Mexico are being seen increasingly in the United States.

"The methods employed by Mexican drug dealers to collect money are becoming increasingly violent," said U.S. Attorney David Nahmias. Nahmias says the incursion of drug gangs from Mexico threaten, "not only the well-being of those directly involved but also innocent bystanders living in neighborhoods" where they operate.

Back in July, DEA agents and local cops set up surveillance of the Lilburn house after receiving information that someone was being held hostage inside. When the three men holding Reynoso hostage spotted the police they tried to escape. DEA and FBI agents along with Gwinnett County police raided the house and freed Reynoso. He was found changed to a mattress in an unfinished basement of the home, bound and gagged, dehydrated and badly beaten.

Reynoso, who had travelled to Georgia on the premise of purchasing a car, was ambushed and assaulted by eight armed men, previously pleaded guilty to federal drug charges.

The house is located in a middle class neighborhood of Lilburn. The Atlanta area has been identified as a battleground of Mexican drug gangs operating in the United States.

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Anonymous said...

Hearing about all the violence on the border in Tijuana and that Phoenix is the Number 1 City in the United for Kidnappings with 2 per day I don't know how anyone can deny Illegals are not the Silent Terrorist inside our States. Any Illegal caught in a crime should either be sent back to their country or be billed for their imprisonment here. Enough is Enough!

Anonymous said...

If this is a growing problem and is acknowledged as such just what measures are being taken to combat it? Surely there is an urgent need to deal with the root of the problem, and that seems to relate back to the status of these criminals. All of these men who commited these crimes is young, the oldest being 21.
The very existence of these men in the USA is based on an illegal act - so why should they worry about even further illegal acts? The message they have drawn from their very status is that illegal acts can be overlooked, so they go on to flount the law even further.

A country that is prepared to compromise on its laws can surely expect to have further laws broken. As I have said many times - I am not sure what part of the word 'illegal' people don't understand!

Andrea said...

This type of thing seems to be in the news nearly everyday here in California. In fact driving home from Los Angeles on Sunday there was a story of a woman kidnapped by human smugglers for not paying her "fees". She was found and was safe and her kidnappers/smugglers were arrested. Okay in that story all parties were actually committing a crime: kidnapping AND illegal border crossing. This is insane! CLOSE OUR BORDERS. In my job I work with people all day long who are in this country illegally: some are being taken advantage of by greedy or possibly desperate business owners trying to compete with wage problems and lawsuits in California; others are turning the tables and taking advantage of the out of control California legal and social welfare systems. At least once a day my co-workers hear me say: "I am moving to Idaho", although I am sure there are similar problems in non-border states.

If people want to help the Mexican citizins, help them to fight their own corrupt government to make their country livable and successful. We see our politicos talking about all these unfortunates across thousands of miles and oceans, what about our neighbors to the south! The answer does NOT lie in just letting the working poor to violent criminals come across the border to wreak havoc on our LEGAL citizens.

wolfchat said...

what is the problem Gary, Pelosi said they are patriotic illegals. How about the rancher who has to pay 73k to the 4 illegals he held till the cops came because he was tired of illegals coming through the border and trashing his property.

it is getting to late, smoke screen people smoke screen

nancy bas mo 3agram said...

It's true we don't need more violence in America; we have enough America-made problems that we don't need additional problems from foreign countries.