Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Anonymous said...

Republicans have lost their compass and their only hope to find their footing is to wish failure on America. How insane is that? As if eight years of Bush and republicans have produced glowing results!

Since when was it American to wish failure on America? Rush Oxicontin Limbaugh, now the defacto leader of the republican party is playing a very dangerous game with four of the most trying times in American history: When China is trying to discredit America's position in the world, when America has suffered a huge blow to its Image abroad, and when America is trying to get its act together from eight years of irresponsible politics, what America does not need is irresponsible statements like those of Jindal and Limbo.

When supposedly intelligent people like Jindal pick up on it, The game becomes insane. And to be rhetorically voiced by none other than a mouthpiece like Jindal is beyond reprehensible.

Jindal wants to be President, and already on the wrong side of America. He who wishes ill unto this country does not deserve to be part of it, let alone lead it.

People who wish failure on a country already in turmoil, should not deserve to even be considered for public office, let alone the presidency of the United States of America.

It's about time America starts making these people accountable for their politically venomous words.

Failure is not an option as we all beleive. Those who wish it on America should not be elected to public Office. They do not represent the ideal of every American regardless of their party affiliation. Jindal is one of those people. He does not deserve anyone's vote.