Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Clinton's Middle East Pipe Dream

Clinton and Abbas

It all looked and sounded great today.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, standing at a podium next to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Declaring that the PA is the only true representative of the Palestinian people. And pledging to work with Abbas to bring much-needed relief to the Gaza.

Of course, this ignores things as they really are. Abbas and the PA do NOT control the Gaza. Hamas, the organization that still declares its intent to destroy Israel, does.

This is the same Hamas that has been firing or permitting the firing of rockets into Israel on a daily basis. The same Hamas that, under cover of the recent Israeli invasion of the Gaza, assassinated members of Abbas' Fatah Party to further tighten its stranglehold over the Palestinian people there.

It is beyond laudable that the Obama administration seeks to get negotiations for a two-state solution back on track, especially after President Bush turned his back on a peace process over seven of his eight years in office. But the Palestinian people are divided. It may be possible to come to an agreement over the West Bank. But negotiating with Abbas over the Gaza simply defies reality.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure what HRC expected to gain from this. Abbas clearly enjoyed it as the best photo op he's had in a long time. As I see it all this has done is create one more reason for Hamas to hate the US. Who cares about that? I don't think Hamas will have long range nuclear tipped ICBM's for a while. Even then I'm sure they'll aim what they have at Israel and nuke themselves in the process. That's what the Palestinians are really good at. Shooting themselves in the foot. I wonder if Hillary was 'under sniper fire' when she landed? What a waste of money, time, and energy.

Anonymous said...

Just another "envoy" and lots of words that sound good.

Anonymous said...

900,000. million taxpayer dollars are headed to Hamas. THIS is the kind of foreign policy that makes the rest of the world hate us.

Deborah Young

Shlomo said...

This woman is currently meeting with a terrorist leader (abbas) and holocaust denier right over the hill from my settlment Tel Tzion.

She wants to give away my country to these terrorists instead of moving them into their arab countries of origin.

When will American voters pressure their goverment to CHANGE its policy to one demanding the REMOVAL of Arabs from All terroritory designated to the Jewish state from Jordan River to the sea.

After all it supported the wholesale removal of Jews from Jewish land just because of their religion, why not move the arabs.

in_ma_heart4ever said...

abbas a traitor

Anonymous said...

Israeli politics make this a pointless exerise in doing something as well. The last election is a hard turn to the right, a return of the hard men; Bibi and especially Liberman together means there is no point to this exercise. Plus, why give the Palestinians money after Gaza? I am sorry their land was "stolen" or whatever you want to call it, so was my home state of Alabama from the Creeks by Jackson; shall they come back now? I am agnostic about Israel personally as a non-Jew. Maybe Madagascar would have been better really, but the creation of Israel is what it is at this point. The better U.S. strategy would be to isolate the parties from Great Power politics as much as possible, if you really wanted peace, instead of to play the Great Game, and then let exhaustion set in. Exhaustion is what usually ends conflict in the end. Let them sit and stew in Gaza for a while, keep the weapons out, but the Israelis shouldn;t really fire back unless it really, really hurts, that retaliation just plays into Hamas to rationalize their suicidal course, and just let the demonstration of the consequences of rejectionism filter in. That would help Fatah long run, although even there, they need to get the point that Israel is not a temporary Crusader state. Until that happens, no real peace, which means exhaustion.

Don Rich

Anonymous said...

What's the answer? This situation seems heartbreakingly hopeless. I suppose it is better for Hilary to go through the motions than withdraw in defeat. Life can surprise us, and that seems the best we can hope for in this situation.

Hawley Roddick

Anonymous said...

Its sad to see 900 million in aid going to the PA, but there's nothing we can do about it now. What Hilary should be doing is also sending in a delegation of advisors to review how every single penny is spent, to make sure none of it falls into the hands of those who harbour ill will towards Israel. Both the Palestinians and Israel will fight until complete destruction. No one will win this war. The Arabs won't allow the Palestinians to be defeated, because that would mean a defeat against Islam in the eyes of Arab muslims. The US won't allow Israel to concede or submit, because they are the only stable friendly country in the Middle East.


Anonymous said...

It might have been more useful if Clinton had spent more time assessing the reality of the situation before making such bold statements. Surely her aim should have been towards seeking some sort of resolution between Fatah and Hamas since until there is resolution there the wishes, or apparent wishes, of the Obama administration of a 2 state solution is moot while there are in fact 3 factions.
The thought of Obama/Clinton distributing largesse in the form of millions of dollars of American tax payers money to unstable organisations is frankly laughable and shows clearly what their attitude towards Israel is. They are prepared to cull their loans to Israel (which incidentally ARE paid back, and is conditional upon funds being spent for specific goods in America), yet are prepared to give massive amounts to groups who challenge the sovreignty of a fellow UN member - un-freaking-believable!!