Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Controversial Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter Steve Vaus On Paltalk

Steve Vaus, whose anthem We Must Take America Back got him blacklisted by the recording industry 17 years ago, has re-recorded the song with updated lyrics for 2009 -- and, this time, he believes, nothing can silence his haunting and inspirational track.

In 1992, Vaus signed a recording contract with RCA. The resulting song struck a chord with listeners. We Must Take America Back rocketed onto the Billboard Top 100 chart, becoming the most requested song at many radio stations coast-to-coast. Vaus' star was rising. He was immediately put out on a nationwide tour. But, complaints from a handful of big-city radio stations about the conservative, patriotic nature of the song prompted RCA to pull the CD off the radio and out of stores. Vaus' tour was canceled just days after it began. The week Vaus was dropped, the song was still climbing the charts and RCA received thousands of phone calls from outraged listeners but they refused to reconsider and subsequently prohibited Vaus from re-recording or re-releasing the song for five years.

"Being gagged like that, I was devastated. Particularly because in the same time frame the ACLU made headlines defending the rights of other recording artists to sing about killing cops and violent sexual acts. But they had no interest in defending my right to sing about God and country," said Vaus. "But now, with updated lyrics, that reflect my frustration and anger with where America is headed, the song is more relevant than ever. It is a rallying cry. And in this age of instant Internet downloads and podcasts there’s no record company or radio station that can block it."

Vaus, who was nominated for Grammy Awards in 2007 and 2008 will be on News Talk Online on at 5 PM New York time Monday March 30 to discuss the newly re-released and updated We Must Take America Back. To talk to him CLICK HERE.

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RICESKI said...

Great Song - This was the THEME song for World Net Daily's Joseph Farah's radio show.
Great song - go to and buy it - support the right.

Anonymous said...

Love this song, Love this guy. Gonna get this song its wonderful to know some will speak out on what is going on in the USA today.