Monday, March 9, 2009

Downturn In Organized Religion Affiliation Topic On Paltalk


A new American Religious Identification Survey released today concludes that fewer Americans identify with a religion.

The survey finds a huge drop in the number of people who identify themselves as Christian - 11 percent in one generation.

The survey finds that more people either identify themselves as "spiritual" or non-religious.

Virtually every denomination has lost membership, the survey finds.

The biggest gain is among those who claim no religion.

Joining us today on News Talk Online on to discuss this major change in religious trends will be David Crumm, of Read The Spirit, an online home for people who believe that diverse spiritual connections between people of faith build stronger communities. To talk to Crumm at 5 PM New York time CLICK HERE.

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Anonymous said...

It was very interesting to observe , as a nurse, how patients react to their dying, I have done alot of work with hospice, the care of the terminaly ill. Those people who have a strong faith, approach their dying in such a different frame of mind, than those who have no faith, there is a sense of taking the next step out of this world, to be beyond all the pain and suffering, to be , as God intended us to be. thank you Gary for sharing. Jamie_38