Monday, March 9, 2009

FBI Looks For Victims

Normally, the FBI sends its agents out looking for perpetrators after a federal crime is committed.

But in a bit of a role reversal , the FBI is looking for victims. Victims of the Stanford Financial Group and its affiliate companies that are being investigated for allegedly scamming investors out of billions of dollars.

Stanford Financial Group operates in 140 countries. Late last month, its chief investment officer was charged with obstructing a separate investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

If you believe you've been scammed by Stanford Financial Group or one of its affiliated companies, the FBI would like to hear from you. Be prepared to provide your basic contact information, proof of the investments you made and losses you suffered.

You can e-mail the information to the FBI at

“The FBI understands the devastating financial, emotional, and physical impact that fraud can have in the lives of individuals and families,” said Kathryn Turman, director of the bureau's Office for Victim Assistance.

“We see it every day. Even in these large-scale cases, the victims and their losses are not just numbers to us. Even when we cannot restore lost funds we can usually provide help, hope, and support as we also work to bring justice to the perpetrators who are suspected of inflicting the damage.”

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