Sunday, March 1, 2009

Health Care Reform Topic On Paltalk


President Obama wants to reform the nation's health care system.

Proponents say there are too many people who are getting no or substandard health care now.

But others cite government health care programs elsewhere that have problems meeting the demands of the people, especially in cases where patients need specialized care. One friend challenged me to find one country that has national health care that works.

I recall that Dr. Marc Siegel suggested when he had a show on Paltalk that national health care seems to work well in Germany. But apparently that's not the only nation where it gets high marks.

Timothy Foley, who writes on health issues for, has reported on successes in universal health care as well in Japan and in Switzerland. Foley will be my guest Thursday on News Talk Online on to tell us what he has learned.

Foley has been an online organizer and blogger on health care policy for the Obama for America campaign and currently for the Committee of Interns and Residents/SEIU Healthcare, a labor union for intern and resident doctors.

Foley reports that in Switzerland, every person is required to purchase health care. Not just Swiss residents but any foreigners, as well, who plan extended visits to the country.

One of the things the Swiss plan does is provide the same level of benefits for everyone. So, for example, should such a universal plan come into effect in the United States, the bus boy in your neighborhood restaurant would enjoy the same benefits as, say, members of Congress.

Foley also notes that in Switzerland, no one can be denied health insurance. Subsidies are provided to insurance companies who have a larger number of sick people. Subsidies are also provided to people who can't afford to buy health insurance.

What is interesting, Foley reports, that prior to universal health care becoming the law of the land in Switzerland, the debate was very similar to the one we hear in the United States today.

Similarly in Japan, Foley writes, everyone must be covered, most through plans provided by their employers. Costs are controlled by government oversight.

To talk to Foley about the Obama administration's emerging vision of health care for the nation and how this can be paid for during such a downturn in the economy on News Talk Online on on Thursday March 5 at 5 PM New York time CLICK HERE.

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Anonymous said...

My sister lived and worked in Switzerland for some years and was unfortunate enough to need hospitalisation. She received excellent care in a superb hospital that would have rivalled any hotel!! AT A COST!
This was not National health care as we know it, it was compulsarily purchased health care. Yes, everyone got the tgreatment they needed in the same way anyone would who BOUGHT private health care.
Switzerland is a very affluent country with strict laws about employment of non nationals and strict immigration laws.

Anonymous said...

Actually I am from Philippines but at this moment Im working here in Italy. I can compare that the Health Care here are different .In Italy if you are employed and you are paying taxes you are free from all medecine even in the Hospital but while in Philippines its different.