Monday, March 9, 2009

Illegal Immigrants Benefiting From Stimulus Bill Topic On Paltalk


President Obama's economic stimulus plan is being touted as a way to get Americans back to work to seed the economy in hopes that it will spur a recovery. But many people don't know that it won't just be U.S. citizens who get jobs. It's believed that a good number of illegal immigrants will end up being hired and paid with taxpayer dollars.

Joining us on News Talk Online on on Wednesday March 11 to talk about the lack of guarantees that the jobs will go to citizens will be Bob Dane, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Dane, and other advocates, are dismayed that the bill that Congress passed does not include the E-Verify system, that allows employers to quickly determine if the people they are hiring to do the jobs the stimulus package will create are authorized to work in the United States.

The 2006 Pew Hispanic Center study on the size and characteristics of the unauthorized migrant population in the United States estimates that 14 percent of construction workers in the country are undocumented. The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that some 300,000 construction jobs created by the package will go to illegal immigrants.

Dane's organization, FAIR, supports reform of the nation's immigration policy to decrease the number of people immigrating into the United States. It also supports improved border security to stem illegal immigration.

To talk to Dane on News Talk Online on at 5 PM New York time Wednesday March 11 CLICK HERE.

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Anonymous said...

This subject is one that hits very very close to home for me. Being raised about 30 miles north of Mexico, having a family very involved in law enforcement in this type of setting I got to see firsthand how illegal immigrants affected life. Being that close and the ties to the legal side I have never witnessed such a overwhelming problem with illegal immigrants as I see today. I am further north than where I was raised and all around me, every job, emergency room, school I see illegal immigrants everywhere. I once had to go into the social services office (welfare) and a huge poster on the wall said "If you are an illegal immigrant and having trouble recieving financial assistance call the number below and we can help) of course this was also in spanish. What part of illegal are we not understanding? Why don't we just go ahead and turn some areas into Mexico. Come on we all worked hard for our money why are we handing it to these people and jobs too?????? I knew about the job situation when (and forgive me since I cant remember which Obama rep said it) we are told "white blue collar construction worker need not apply" Where has America gone? We are losing it totally. I've seen it coming for many years but it seems in the past couple of months it seems the loss has accelerated. When are these "stimulus'" going to start helping tax paying citizens? Do we not count? When is our government going to be "for the people by the people"? If they are so determined to spend OUR tax dollars and make US repay it then give it to US. Not to gaza, NOT to africa give it to US.