Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jindal Joins Limbaugh In Hope That Obama Fails


This is exactly why I have soured so on partisan politics.

While Pres. Obama was hosting a nationally televised press conference last night, Louisiana's Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal was busy giving a speech before a GOP fundraiser where he said it was OK to hope that the president would fail.

Jindal justified his remarks by saying that it's alright if you think that what the president is doing is jeopardizing the nation. Especially if you think those policies are putting the country in peril. But it is wrong to hope that he fails. That's just putting your partisan aspirations (read: interest in running for president) ahead of the nation and its people.

So here we have a president who is struggling to bring the country back on sound financial footing. Attempting to get people back to work. Instituting policies designed to encourage banks to start lending money again so people can buy cars and houses. And you hope that he fails?

If he fails then we suffer.

Of course, if he fails and we suffer we'll be really pissed off in three years when you want to run for your party's nomination for president. So his failure, and our suffering, translates into potential votes for you.

It's not a quality that I particularly want in my next president. A president who would put his own political aspirations ahead of what's best for the United States.

Criticize his policies all you want. Refuse the bailout money being offered to Louisiana. Come up with alternative courses of action.

But wishing that he fails? That's more than just a little bit un-American.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that to hope the President fails is un-American because we need him to succeed so that the country will survive this current economic crisis. However, I did not vote for Barack Obama and left the Democratic party after its treatment and the media's treatment of the first woman who actually had a chance to win her party's nomination for President. My point is regardless of whether you are an Obama supporter or not, you have to support his efforts to bail us all out of this mess.

Consumer Kim said...

Yep. Very un-American, Mr. Jindal. Your state should feel very proud of you. In addition, your views are scary. What you say can -- and will -- be used against you next time you run for anything.

No-Strings said...

So now its un-American to disagree with the current admin, Do you all see how two faced that is? all the libs hoped for Bush to fail. whats wrong with hopeing a plan you believe to be completly wrong for the country to fail? Is this not Exactly what America is? all opinions? I believe calling a person Un-American for hoping a bad plan fails... is Truly Un-American. Eight years of Dems hoping. Planning and Plotting for Bush to fail.. that was being American, but when the tables are turned, it is suddenly Un-American.

Gary Baumgarten said...

If you read closely, No Strings, I did not suggest it was un-American to criticize the administration. In fact, I said there's a duty and a responsibility to do so.

I said it was un-American to hope that the president fails. And to put partisan politics over what's best for the nation.

As the Republicans said during their convention, "Country First."

Anonymous said...

Un-American and just plain dumb.

Greg Correll

Anonymous said...

I'd be surprised if Jindal gets reelected if his actions screw the people of Louisiana. The main reason he was elected was anger at Governor Blanco, who got a lot of the blame for the lack of response to Katrina. While I think there was enough blame to go around, she was severely hampered by the fact that the Republican administration just refused to help for far too long. It was out of her hands, but the partisan Republicans that you are highlighting were operating even then, orchestrating her downfall so they could gain the governorship.

It worked. Now the state has a hyper-partisan governor with Presidential aspirations. Who looks for all the world like Alfred E. Neuman in that photo. I predict he is going to crash and burn by the next governor's election.

Susan Mitchell

Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise, surprise!
Gov. Bobby Jindal is becoming the post child for a lost cause. He so wants to please the far right wing of the conservative base, yet will never totally be accepted. They want radical "american loving" hate mongering conservatives... the governor is too much like 'milk toast' to carry their banner. They (radical "american loving" hate mongering conservatives) wave our flag and hate the founding principle of our Constitution!

Anonymous said...

Hey, the guy came out against volcano monitoring. And guess what happened?

A volcano erupted and showed just how critical volcano monitoring is.

Tony Wang

Anonymous said...

Jindal and the small cadre of republican right-wingers like him should join the Democratic party so they can wear "jackass" pins. It is amazing how they adhere to the same fiscal policies that their party espoused previously, which got this country into this mess. The only think I can say is that I hope they continue to marginzalize themselves and their voters.

Lorrie said...

you know i also agree with this that it is very un -american ,,,i mean seriously why cant people just let obama do his job , he might suprise everyone , i hate it when people dont give obama a chance to do his job . they right away say bad things about him just because of how he looks and probably his name too, thats just wrong , i would love to give obama a chance to see how he will fix all this mess ,

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I've been saying that Jindal and Palin are fine by me to be the voice of the Repugnants. Give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves by 2012.

MIchelle said...

i am not sure if it is un american or just plain self centered and egocentric and certainly not a smart move on Jindals part. Why would any one wish any one to fail? in any area? this shows me the level of how and why we have the issues we have in the Gov rightnow and why it will not get resolved!! wishing the president to fail, if you agree with him or not is wishing for the USA TO CRASH! where will jindal be then ..i am sure not not the hero he would like to be... Its time for people to take their heads out of their behinds. I find this totally childish. These are the people that american people vote for?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Jindal and Palin (or Palin and Jindal) in 2012! We can call them JinLin, or LinJin.

Lea Lane

Anonymous said...

It's not just un-American, it's inhumane and insane. Jindal is just another self-serving, narcissistic politician. Uh oh, triple redundancy here.

Anonymous said...

I think Jindal needs to take a trip to Alaska. First, he can see how little has been done to clean up the Exxon Valdez disaster. Next, he can watch the volcano explode, and help evacuate those who are trapped in Alaska because planes can't fly out. Next, he could think about rebuilding New Orleans, a city in his own state, that has been left to rot. When he starts acting, instead of flapping his gums, maybe he won't appear to be such a nimrod who's wasting space.

Anonymous said...

I don't get this. When I was against the war in Iraq because I thought it was bad for the country, I was unpatriotic at best and possibly treasonous. But NOW it's patriotic to hope the President fails? My timing sucks!

Anonymous said...

I would like Jindal to be covered in volcanic ash.

Lisa Solod Warren

Anonymous said...

Jindal is a mess. Palin is a mess. The entire republican party is a mess.

Well, that makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

Well what's the point of wanting a president to "succeed" if he is re-making this economy to look like France's?

What's the point of unemployment rates being low, if the way to get us there is by taking over private industry and creating unfullfilling Gov't jobs?

What's the point of wanting this to succeed if to bring down unemployemnt -- people shorten their hours to create more jobs -- but you don't have the same income/standard of living that Americans do.

I think with Obama and the E-QUAL-A-TEE crowd -- these ideas I've just outlined go over well. But to us who really don't like the idea working some do-nothing gov't job; or for that matter paying exponentially high taxes to pay for some gov't worker doing nothing; isn't really appealing.

Nick Davis

Alan Jasie said...

What is going on here? A few months ago, before the election, I thought this guy was a very impressive young Republican who appeared to understand the shifting demographics of this country. When did this guy start drinking the Kool Aid of extremists like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck pass out every day? He is in the process of killing his once promising political career. To her credit, for those who have taken snipes at her in some of these posts, Sarah Palin has stayed out of this nonsense. Jindal continues to open the door wider and wider for Tim Pawlenty (Gov. Minn), Mark Sanford (Gov. S. Car) and of course Palin and Mitt Romney in the 2012 primary race to be the Republican presidential hopeful.

Bobby, the more you speak the less you say. Keep quiet and maybe you can salvage what is left of your tarnished image.

Alan Jasie

Anonymous said...

Jindal's actions have already screwed the people of Louisiana. He has said that he'll refuse the bailout money coming to our state on principle. Louisiana is the second-poorest state in the nation, the towns along the coast battered by Katrina, Rita, and Gustav are still struggling to recover, not to mention the debacle that New Orleans has become, and he won't give us money because of some fucked up principle?!

I keep thinking the more Jindal makes an ass of himself, the sooner he'll be gone, gone, gone...but then I remember that New Orleans reelected Ray Nagin for mayor, and that has turned into the embarrassment that never ends. Heaven help Louisiana (cuz apparently our elected officials won't).

Anonymous said...

Here's what I don't get: the prevailing complaint is that the President is attempting to "remake" the true-blue U.S. economy into something more "European." So they want him to fail at that.
But what if that's what we need? What if that -- whatever "that" really is -- is the thing that will make things a little bit better?

It's as if they're saying: "I'll stick with my shitty U.S. economy because at least it's made in America, damn it."

Anonymous said...

Of course Jindal wants Obama to fail, just as the Republicans want Democrats to fail.
It's the only way they can get them on equal footing.
If I were Obama, I'd create a post for "Failure Czar", then ask for a Republican to fill the position... citing their expertise and ability.

Paul J. O'Rourke

Anonymous said...

To say I am amazed at the disingenuousness of the majority of these comments is an understatement.

The same crowd of people who spent years calling the previous President everything from "simple" to "war criminal" and on and on; are now up in arms when those of us that beleive this country is headed in a dangerous direction speak out. How can any of you think that most Americans will accept your smugness!

One other thought (which may seem strange to those who only hold to a position as long as it benefits them); Gov. Jindal is not trying to endear himself to any party or wing of the right, he is actually doing something that Democrats find amazing, standing up for what he beleives is right! Ask Senator Lieberman how well that works on the Democratic side of the aisle.

I personally do not even worry about whether or not this administration will fail, because it already is rapidly disintegrating and its failure is predictable.

Anonymous said...

I hate to insult the jackals of the world, but that's what comes to mind when hear his name or see his smug face.


K Schecter

Anonymous said...

Well said and I agree with every word.

Anonymous said...

Nick Davis said

'...or for that matter paying exponentially high taxes...'

You don't much about math do you? The tax rate is set to increase by three percent for highest earners. That's less than a ten percent increase. More than that, you need a continuous increase to even approach exponential-like behavior. This is looking to be a one time deal, as far as the evidence shows.

Maybe you should take the president's advice and learn about something before espousing on it. You might look less like a fool.

Aaron Rury

Anonymous said...

Nick Davis wrote: "What's the point of unemployment rates being low, if the way to get us there is by taking over private industry and creating unfullfilling Gov't(sic) jobs?"

You mean jobs like working for defense contractors Blackwater and Halliburton, whose personnel are paid with dollars that originated in the public coffers?

I always get a kick out of conservatives who decry government aid then try to use WWII as an example of how the war machine salvages economies. It's disingenuous at best.

In WWII, the vast majority of the potential work force was put in uniform and shipped overseas. Government jobs.

Private industry was employed to produce goods and services for the war effort. Government jobs.

Citizens left stateside, many of whom would never have been a facet of the work force had the normal pool not been sent abroad, were suddenly needed to fill jobs for contractors and the like. Government forces at work.

When the war was over, the potential number of workers had been greatly reduced by the normal casualties of war. Once more, the fruits of government action.

This is a poor example to use in arguing against government intervention. What happened between 1941 and 1945 was the result of increased socialistic policy, not the private sector operating alone.

And that's not to mention the increase in the military-industrial complex and how that influenced economics in the subsequent decades.

Just days ago, I heard a conservative who is employed at a state institution and who openly argued for the awarding of a defense contract to his area decry the thousands of new "government jobs" created by the stimulus bill.

Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Kevin Lee

Anonymous said...

I just spent five days in Vegas as the guests of Republicans who were decrying government jobs and investment in public infrastructure as crippling to the free market.

The irony, of course, is that without a little Depression-era gov't public works project called the Hoover Dam , Las Vegas would be a sleepy little mining town with no water or power instead of the pop. 2 million plus neon-lit shrine to free-market capitalism it is today.

But, I'm a houseguest, so I kept my mouth shut.

Leeandra Nolting

Anonymous said...

the thing is, if the president's programs work, then the entire political philosophy that you have based your career on will be proven to be a sham. A failed presidency helps his career, and that is what he wants above all else.

Anonymous said...

This is the best they got, the "rising star" of the GOP... I can't WAIT for him to run in 2012! Obama wins re-election by 20+ points....

John Spaulding

Anonymous said...

Anyone that can hold forth in public with such ugly partisan political rhetoric in the face of all that is wrong in the microcosm of his own State deserves himself to fail. For me, this "hoping that the President fails" unconsciously triggers an accompanying scene in my head where I hear them state in a low whimpering whisper, "that way I won't fail". This jumps off of these poor losers each and every time they open their mouths.

I pray daily for Pres. Obama's success, and in short order, so that these naysayers will be forced into silence. The Republican's A team of Limbaugh, Palin, Jindal, Boehner amd Sanford are going to go down in flames. I can read it all over them -- they will be marked with an "F" before it is all over...none too soon in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

So this is the best that conservatives have to offer? Abject suffering and economic disaster in the name of party ideology? I don't have a problem with thinking that it's okay to say that your party would do it differently but to openly hope for failure? I sure have wasted a lot of time on American history and the constitution. To me, this sounds like sedition. A crime under U.S. law. That conservatives would prefer civil war to being wrong is becoming clearer every day.

Anonymous said...

I guess you can wish as much as you like, either one way or the other, but the die is cast and the plan will either succeed or fail regardless of anyone's wishes!
It does nothing but show to the rest of the world how fragmented America could become, thus giving people less confidence in the country.
It beggars belief that anyone could wish that the worst financial crisis in decades should get worse. What do they want to see- children starving, civil unrest, increased suicides? Get real.
I dislike Obama's way of 'administering'. but there is no way I would wish on the country an even worse financial crisis. Don't forget - there are many many countries out there that would cheer if America failed.

Anonymous said...

To be intellectually honest, the libs worked hard and wanted G.W. to fail and we heard about it everyday. They didn't put America first, they put their emotions first and prayed for GW to fail.
And of course, U.S. constitutionalists will always want socialist policies to fail. It would make no sense for them to support them.
The alternative is to stop re-inventing the wheel, go back to the constitution, stop the cradle to grave policies as they unroll.
We'll just have to wait and see what works and what doesn't.

Deborah Young

Anonymous said...

this is all they have. they have no workable alternative to offer. all they can say is in effect, "Yeah, well, you suck!" It's at that kind of schoolyard level

Anonymous said...

Once again we see that trying to split the Rushian Hair is more difficult than untying the Gordian Knot.

Do any of these fools actually believe there is a difference between hoping the President's policies fail and hoping the President fails?

But of course, millions will blindly swallow the Kool-Aid -- after all they voted for bush twice.

Tom Cordle

Anonymous said...

Ever since Obama made one statement about stocks being a good buy around 2 weeks ago- the stock market has been taking off steadily. It must really chap republicans' hides to see the economy turning around right on que like that. This is their very worst nightmare- that the recession would end on Obama's watch. They know their electoral chances hinge on the recession lasting the next 3 years. Oh well republicans- pray harder!

Anonymous said...

Obama may be "trying" to do all these wonderful things, but he's pursuing policies which in my view will accomplish just the opposite.

I believe his economic policies represent a frontal attack on two main pillars of our free society: private property and free market capitalism.

I believe he is beholding to some of the most corrupt politicians and non-politicians in our society.

I believe his labor and trade policies will have a highly deleterious effect upon our economy and our way of life.

I believe that his international policies are either useless or highly dangerous to national security.

As one comment pointed out, there's really no substantive difference in saying you want Obama to fail or you want his policies to fail. That's really a matter of rhetoric.

And it's not really a matter of hoping or wanting his policies to fail. Fail they most certainly will; history has mapped that out. My "hope" is that the failure comes soon enough to prevent irreparable damage to the United States. That will depend upon the exercise of eternal diligence in the defense of liberty.

P.S. I'm not planning to run for President, so, by the tortured reasoning of some of the comments here, my motives must be pure.

P.P.S. The personal attacks made on a couple of dissenters here could be characterized as savage were they not so stupid.

Anonymous said...

Where were these yahoos wishing a president to fail when the president was marching the country off a constitutional Tarpeian Rock? No, treason was not reason to wish for a president's failure but the wished for permanent Republican majority? Now that's a reason to hope this president fails.
Sick bastards.
I am so over all these spiritual descendants of Ronald Reagan and Grover Nordquist. We need to find a 21st century Australia and exile them all there.

nancy bas mo 3agram said...

Jindal wants the president Obama to fail, basically stating that he wants America as a country to fail also. If he were a good citizen he would support his government in it choice for a president. He is already judging Obama who has only been in office for a very short period of time. It’s not about being a democrat nor a republican any more, it is about America.

Anonymous said...

I love these guys who think because I didn't vote for Bush, I wanted him to fail. I want all those whose govern my city, state or country to succeed whether I voted for them or not. I live in New York and didn't vote for Bloomberg but he has done a good job considering what Rudy left him. I am happy he did well. I was with Bush on 9/11 and when we invaded Afghanistan. He lost me with Iraq! And Katrina! And the selective firings of the US attorneys. And Rovian politics. I didn't want Bush to fail -- he failed me and many of my fellow Americans. I am a Liberal and surprisingly, I love my country and I want it and its government to succeed. No matter which party is in power.

FacetiousMuse said...

It's funny how some individuals can list how they want this president / country to fail most are patriots if they were asked yet they wait patiently for something for themselves to fall out of the Obama bag that will help them.

These individuals tend to be on the republican talking points and swear they are patriots yet those that I know in my working class community are suffering just like the dems and everyone else. All because they supported GW Bush. So as they talk about the debt that will be passed on to there kids they need to remember there may not be a country left. Because Bush and his administration SOLD it a long time ago. So why would we be attacked again like 911 when those individual already own most of if not all of the country. People talk is cheap but hard work and change take a commitment not the same old rhetoric of years past. this is not a drive through windows so let give this president the time he needs. Don't tread on me or my president.

Atleast he's working and not on vacations as our former Prez.

Call us taxpayers or consumers either way we will pay for the wallstreet greed so either way we get the bill.