Thursday, March 19, 2009

Martha Reeves On Paltalk

If the United States is suffering from a recession, surely Detroit is in a depression. And as the city suffers for survival, there are inevitable strains pitting Detroit against its northern suburban neighbors.

So much so that there have been fusses raised over control over the city's convention center, a Jay Leno free performance for unemployed people and a CNN broadcast examining the area's economic woes.

At the forefront of the fight, demanding, as she sees it, respect for Detroit, is Martha Reeves, formerly the lead singer of Martha Reeves and the Vandellas and now a member of the Detroit City Council.

Reeves will be my guest Friday March 20 on News Talk Online on

We'll talk to her about her vocal opposition over a plan to put the city-owned Cobo Center, home of the North American International Auto Show, under the control of a regional authority. Reeves was also ticked off when Jay Leno announced his free shows for unemployed people would be held at the Palace of Auburn Hills, north of Detroit. And over a decision by CNN to do a live broadcast about the economic difficulties of the region in front of the General Motors Tech Center in suburban Warren.

We'll also talk to Reeves about her vision for a better Detroit future.

To talk to Reeves on News Talk Online at 5 PM New York time Friday March 20 CLICK HERE.

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nancy bas mo 3agram said...

Martha Reeves I was so pleased to see you on Gary's show alongside with him. I love your songs, especially dancing in the street. I was so surprised to hear that you were going to be on Gary's show.