Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Cuban Missile Crisis With Russian Bombers May Be Emerging

During the presidential campaign, then-candidate Barack Obama was often compared to John F. Kennedy. That was all theoretical. Now, however, a reality may be developing that would magnify the inevitable further comparisons.

The Russians may be considering basing strategic bombers in Venezuela and Cuba.

The Tupolev 95 Bear long range bomber is a turbo prop but with speeds just slightly below those of comparable jet powered heavy bombers. In 1999 two Tupolev 95 Bears flew within 40 miles of Alaska. During the Cold War, Bears that flew within 200 miles of U.S. aircraft carriers were intercepted by U.S. Naval jet fighters.

The Kremlin is downplaying an Interfax report which suggests that a Venezuelan island could be turned into a Russian air base and that any of three Cuban airports might host the bombers. But if this threat were to develop, Obama would be placed into a situation not dissimilar to the one Kennedy faced by the Cuban missile crisis. A crisis that led to the blockading of Cuba and the threat of nuclear war with Russia.

The inevitable strain with Cuba would run contrary to the administration's efforts to improve relations. Travel restrictions for Cuban Americans with relatives in Cuba that were imposed by the Bush administration have just been relaxed by the White House.

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RICESKI said...

Chances are good Obama knew of this months ago and approved all for a Exxon card ?

Anonymous said...

I think Obama walks softy but carries a big stick, I have faith in the person I voted for. Like Obama said to the republicans duing discussions about the stimulus package, "there was an election in November, and I won". Obama has the strength to put his foot down when he feels its warrented.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Looks like some of the people that Obama, through his surrogate Clinton, made overtures to could be testing the mettle of Obama.
It's possibly the price you have to pay when putting the inexperienced 'junior' in to play against the seasoned and ruthless players. Not a good stategy I wouldn't think when that Junior has the well being of 300 million people in his care.
Talking is good - monologues are less impressive in the political world of today.

Anonymous said...

Gary, I don't believe that this will result in another "crisis", the Bear has been around for years, they have landed in Cuba before with US military escort. The threat here is more Chavez, his posturing and rhetoric are intended to de-stabilize the region, South America in particular, and just annoy us. As for the Russians, this game will continue to be played. Chavez needs to go.

Bob W. said...

Between the Chinese expanding their influence, Mexico's descent into chaos, and now Russian Bombers potentially being stationed in Venezuela, we've really taken our eye off the ball in Latin America.

Anonymous said...

I think that is a real bad sign. The Bear is getting ready to bite us if we don't watch it, like right now.

Don Rich

Anonymous said...

I don't know why Bush bothered deliberately provoking the Russians by playing around on their borders.

Kathy Knechtges