Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Second Coming Of Netanyahu

Israel's new Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he will seek peace with his Arab neighbors this second time he holds the post. But the path to peace that he envisions may not be the same as that envisioned by the United States.

Netanyahu, viewed by many as a hard liner against Arab terrorists and avowed enemies of Israel failed to utter the words Palestinian state. Recent U.S. administrations, including the current one, both Democratic and Republican, have pushed for a two-state solution.

So the new prime minister is a bit of an enigma at this point. Presumably time will tell whether his actions satisfy those who are increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of progress in peace talks and those who are still hopeful that the establishment of a Palestinian state will satisfy aspirations of Palestinian people.

The problem those who favor the latter have, of course, is that the Palestinian territories are divided, both geographically and politically. With Hamas, still bent on the destruction of Israel, controlling the Gaza. And the rival Palestinian Authority, which at least favors talks with Israel, in charge of the West Bank.

Perhaps the best Netanyahu, or any other prime minister, can hope for is making Israel as secure as possible. While not setting expectations for peace so high as to set one up for disappointment.

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THE LonesomeDove said...

Perhaps Benjamin Netanyahu is that rare, mythical creature and the stuff of legends - a head of state with a hint of integrity. Could it be that he believes representing the will of the people rather than catering to world opinion is more important and refuses to capitulate to global pressure? Is it possible that the safety and welfare of Israel and its people are of paramount importance to him, not the vainglorious, delicate egos and desires of either terrorists, the zany international brotherhood of thugs & thieves more commonly known as the UN or even our very own madcap fiscally/ethically/constutionally/intellectually-challenged Democratically controlled, dollar bill-printing Congress? It's hard to imagine, but maybe Netanyahu doesn't know the lyrics of Kumbaya, We Are the World or I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing, but the words of Hatikva are etched on his heart. That's just a guess or maybe a hope. Anyway, we've been hearing BO's yadda yadda droning on non-stop for months and he has yet to say anything substantial - or truthful. I imagine that theft by taxation isn't particularly conducive to straight talk anyway. It even may or may not be true that Netanyahu doesn't want to become the same type of self-seeking, self-serving, fawning international parasite that the guy presently occupying the White House is - or maybe he's just an Allison Krauss fan, You say it best when you say nothing at all. Either way, we'll find out in due time.

Anonymous said...

To begin with, it isn't the US's place to tell Israel what to do in terms of defending herself, and visa versa. That being said, now that we have someone as President who thinks we can talk with "moderate" members of the Taliban (only a fool....)Israel may as well branch out, forget us, and Netanyahu do what is in Israel's best interests. Period.

-LD McLellan

Anonymous said...

Bebe may not be everyone's choice of leader for Israel, but he is the duly elected leader - and one has to presume people knew what his stance was on this critical issue before his party was elected - at least the people who ELECTED him did! It doesn't matter a jot what other people say or think, Israel must act in what are its best interests, not according to the agendas of other countries.
I just love the way some people are happy to re-write history, and to ignore the reality of even more recent events!!
This is about the survival of Israel.