Monday, March 16, 2009

News Talk Online March 16, 2009: Criticizing Human Rights Violations

Last week we were discussing on News Talk Online on the flogging of a 75 year old woman in Saudi Arabia because she associated with men who were not her relatives. When I condemned her sentence I was challenged by those who felt I had no business speaking out about what is basically a cultural difference.

Now the British government is saying thousands of girls have had female genital mutilation procedures forced upon them in the UK. There have been no prosecutions.

Well, if I have to respect someone else's cultural differences then they have to respect mine. And my culture tells me that the flogging of 75 year old women and the performance of female genital mutilation should be opposed. So oppose them I will.

Why in the name of cultural diversity do we allow these kinds of human rights violations to go unchallenged? Where is the feminist movement? Largely silent!

Why if a man is making than his female co-worker do we hear from the feminist movement? But these issues fall on deaf ears?

Are we going to allow these kinds of travesties to take place against women in the West because the cultural traditions have migrated here with people from other places in the world?

What about the stoning to death of girls who have been raped? That's a cultural tradition in some places in the world?

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Anonymous said...

We not only have a right but we must protest these very barbaric practices against women and young girls. Gary, there should be an Uproar, against this. And indeed, Why the silence by the feminists? Jamie_38