Friday, March 20, 2009

News Talk Online March 20, 2009: Martha Reeves

You may know her as Martha Reeves the singer but in Detroit she is also known Martha Reeves the city council member. If the rest of the country is suffering a recession here in Detroit it's a depression.

Martha Reeves joins us now on News Talk Online on to talk about Detroit's economic woes and what her vision is for returning the Motor City back to its glory days.


Anonymous said...

Martha Reeves was totally delightful!
here is one lady who really knows what community service. She uses her past successes within the music industry to work for the good of the community - and listening to some of the things she is focussing on it's obvious that she knows what the people of Detroit actually need.
Kudos to her!

Anonymous said...

There are Givers and there are Takers in this world, Martha Reeves, Is a Giver!!!
She could be sitting back and having a life of leisure, she has earned it But instaed she is applying her lifetime of knowlege to help her beloved city of Detroit, comeback from a depression to a new vitality. this lady shows a lot of common sense besides a caring heart, thank you Gary for sharing her story with us. Jamie_38

Mark Desjardins said...

Martha Reeves is a Motown Icon whose star remains untarnished. I am reading her biography "Dancing In The Street: Confessions of a Motown Diva" and my respect for her has grown even more.
A few years back there was a Canadian documentary on her mentoring a group of high school students from Victoria, British Columbia in a music program prepare their graduation project which was learning her music and preparing for a concert backing her at a concert appearance in that city. Her wonderful humanity and professionalism shone through. With her political career in full gear there is no stopping this Motown Diva!