Wednesday, March 25, 2009

News Talk Online March 25, 2009: Were Bobby Jindal's Comments Unpatriotic?

I must say that I was put off more than a little bit by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's comments last night hoping for President Obama to fail.

Of course, one would expect that as a frequently mentioned potential candidate for the Republican nomination for president, Obama would have a lot to say about how Obama is attacking the economic crisis gripping the nation and, by extension, the world.

One would expect that, as a member of the loyal opposition, Jindal would speak out against what he feels are wrong policies instituted by the White House. Fair enough. Not only has he the right, but one could argue the responsibility to counter the administration's proposals with those representative of his party's philosophies.

But to wish that the president fail? That, as I pointed out in my blog today, is blatantly un-American.

Of course, one could argue, as I have on the blog, that Jindal wishes the president to fail because if the economy further collapses, that makes it easier for him, or another Republican, to run against Obama next election. But if he fails, we all will suffer. So Jindal will not only accept, but encourage, the suffering of the American people for partisan political gain.

My posting on certainly struck a cord. Some 40 people have sounded off. Most agreeing with me. But some disagreeing. And that's OK.

But I think it's time for the Republican Party to do what they promised during their national convention in St. Paul Minnesota. It was then that they revealed their "Country First" campaign. I challenge Gov. Jindal and others, including GOP mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh who previously cheered for Obama's failure, to do just that. Put Country First and Party Second.

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