Thursday, March 26, 2009

News Talk Online March 26, 2009: The New Face Of The Homeless

Open your eyes next time you go out.

Have you noticed more homeless people on the streets?

I have. Not just here in New York City but elsewhere as I've traveled as well. People living in RVs and in tents all across the nation.

And this is not an issue that is limited to the United States. There are tent cities in France. Shantytowns in the Netherlands. Homeless on the streets of Japan.

These are not just junkies, alcoholics and mentally distressed people. Increasingly, the people living in RVs, tents and shanties are folks who are victims of the economy. They've lost their jobs. They've lost their homes,

Here in the United States, the government is putting billions of dollars into rescuing Wall Street. But how is that going to help the people who I've just described?

How does it help someone who has no address even apply for, much less get a job?

This is a daunting issue. One that's I've not really heard addressed by the government. One that I've really not heard the pundits discuss.

Frankly, this audience may have a better sense of what should be done than the government. So I put the question to you.

What's being done to help the homeless? What can be done to better help the homeless? And what stories have you to share about your own situation or that of others you know that can better illustrate this struggle.

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