Wednesday, March 4, 2009

News Talk Online March 4, 2009: How Would YOU Spend Stimulus Money?

They're still fighting in Washington over the economic stimulus money. Some are saying there's too much "pork'' in it.

And across American, the debate rages over whether that money would be better by giving it directly to the people.

So I have two questions for you to answer in this segment of News Talk Online on

1) If YOU were in charge, how would you spend the money?


2) If the money came to you directly, what would you do with it?

This is your chance to fantasize and tell us how you'd stimulate the economy if given the chance.

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Anonymous said...

What a lively discussion this was. Mind you, having heard what some of the folks said maybe it's not such a bad idea to leave it in the hands of a 3rd party!!
I was intrigued by the guy who said that each tax paying individual would be given $4 million, surely this was a wrong calculation!!