Friday, March 20, 2009

When A Border Crackdown Isn't

The Obama administration is contemplating a crackdown on the border with Mexico. Involving both law enforcement and possibly National Guard troops. But if you think this is an attempt to stem the flow of illegal immigration into the United States, think again.

Published reports suggest the president is considering cracking down on the flow of illegal weapons fueling Mexico's drug war from the United States south.

You might think, if there are more cops and possibly troops on the border to stop the flow of arms from here to there, then it stands to reason they'll also be impeding the flow of humans from Mexico north.

Perhaps, but, according to the reports, the money to pay for all of this would be diverted from programs designed to enforce workplace immigration laws. Which could encourage more, not fewer people south of the border to make the trek north looking for work.

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Anonymous said...

Obama and his administration are starting to show their disdain for the principals this nation was forged under. What is so hard to understand about the word 'ILLEGAL'? It means breaking the law! If I were to go into your house and take something that doesn't belong to me I have broken the law and should be held accountable, right? So why are ILLEGAL ALIENS allowed to break the law? My great grandparents emmigrated from Europe and went through the process to become a citizen legally. Allowing illegal aliens to come into this country and work does 2 things: 1) It allows employers to hire workers at lower than minimum wage levels, and not give benefits or pay taxes on them, and 2) More importantly, it takes jobs away from AMERICANS. They may be low paying jobs, but there are millions of jobless Americans that could use income right now. Any income. All these Americans out of work and Nancy Pelosi can only make the comment that it's 'Un-American' to kick them out and her biggest complaint is she doesn't have a big enough jet to fly around in! Talk about out of touch! We are in deep trouble.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about that assessment. It's good to keep arms from going south. As long as there is drug violence, Mexico's economy will be hurt, spurring more illegal immigration in these troubled times.

Anonymous said...

As many have correctly pointed out, there are many places for Mexican drug enthusiasts to get their guns cheaper than American gun dealers. The real problem is that they seem to care less and less about on which side of the border they use them. Here in central TX, the threat gets bigger every day that we will get caught in the cross-fire.

There seems to be no way to stem the tide of immigrants coming north, except that the economy is making ot hard to make enough money to be able to send it back home, the 15 month drought is preventing lawns from growing and being in need of mowing. And the border is more transparent than Obama's wildest dream about government.

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Ivan Hentschel