Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Assessing Obama's First Overseas Trip As President

President Obama's trip to Europe and Turkey was capped topped with a surprise visit to Iraq to visit the troops.

He was greeted by cheering crowds everywhere he went. As he worked to improve America's image with the rest of the world.

But some of his remarks drew criticism from his detractors back home. For example, there were those who decried his comments in Turkey in which he declared the United States, "is not and never will be at war with Islam."

Now it's back to domestic reality. Obama's return to the United States means a return of his focus on the economy, his most pressing issue.

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Ranch Chimp said...

I feel considering the circumstances...President Obama has been doing an excellent job, with foreign relation's as well. And I am one who voted republican over 3 quarter's of my life. But I did vote Obama as well. He does something that many on the Hill dont do...which is actually work. They say he moves to fast, but that's only because all the deadwood on the Hill consider's anything that is acted on and brought to light...if it takes less then 2 year's to get any damn thing done....it's too fast. Many of those old timer's consider "change" as a new color necktie to wear while in session. Half of them are lazy worthless SOB's who should get pink slip's themselves in my opinion.