Friday, April 10, 2009

News Talk Online April 10, 2009: Roni Deutch


It's just five days from the income tax filing deadline in the United States. A task that gives people ulcers and anxiety attacks.

But today's guest on News Talk Online on says there are ways to beat the IRS. Legally.

Roni Deutch is known as the Tax Lady, and she's penned a book, called, appropriately, Beating The IRS, in which she gives tips that show you how you can pay less to the IRS.

Deutch, the founder of America's largest tax-resolution law firm, says Congress and the IRS intentionally make taxes complicated and confusing so that people live in fear of them. The result, she says, is that the average American overpays the IRS by $2,000 annually.

Roni Deutch, welcome to News Talk Online on

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