Wednesday, April 15, 2009

News Talk Online April 15, 2009: Ex-Con Who Advises Wall Street Crooks, Live Coverage Of Tea Party

Larry Levine knows what it's like to be a federal prisoner. A former organized crime "fixer" - Levine spent a decade on the inside of a federal pen.

Now, Levine, my first guest today on News Talk Online on, is putting his experiences as a con to work, by forming a consulting firm to help the fat cats on Wall Street who are getting busted for violation of federal securities laws.

His business: Wall Street Prison Consultants. Where he teaches those who are being sent up the river how to survive on the inside. He calls it Fedtime 101. And describes it as a revolutionary new program tailord specifically for white collar offenders entering the Federal Prison System.

Fedtime 101 is a unique survival program on federal prison live Levine designed and put together while serving time behind prison walls. Levine says the program provides, direct one-on-one counseling and guidance to ensure the convicted white collar criminal that he has a complete understanding of the issues lying ahead - for him and his family.

Rumor has it that Bernie Madoff's niece gave him a call. Something that Levine can neither confirm nor deny. "I get lots of calls from lots of people," he coyly says.

Levine promises to assist convicts after they are already in the joint with any concerns they or their families may have. Including helping them understand Bureau of Prisons policy and preparing them, not only for the life they will live behind bars, but also what life will be for them once they are paroled.


Our second guest is conservative political activist Judy Davidson joining us live from one of the tax day tea parties in Phoenixville, PA.

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Anonymous said...

on Fox Tv last night was a discussion about what the jail experience is for Bernie Madoff. He has no TV No radio, does receive books and a newspaper, 1 hour of physical activity in the yard per day, All meals in his cell, doubt he is having any $100 steaks! Any one, having to go thru the prison system, has to make huge adjustments,But the greatest loss , is the loss of freedom, which we all take for granted Barbara Erb