Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eli Wiesel Verbally Assaulted At Durbin II

Yesterday I posted video of Western diplomats walking out of the UN racism conference in Geneva when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used the forum as a bully pulpit to accuse his number one nemesis, Israel, of genocide and racism.

What happened later was far more disturbing than Ahmadinejad's speech.

Nobel Peace Prize winner and Holocaust survivor Eli Wiesel was accused by a member of the Iranian delegation of being a "Zion-Nazi" and others shouted "shame" and "racist" at a man who has spent his entire life fighting intolerance.

This shows how misguided these haters are. Watch the video. It speaks for itself.

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Anonymous said...

may the world see how vile and disgusting these people are!!! it is something that eli did not even bat an eye to this level of hate. maybe that is how one has to be after being alive after the holocaust! it truly is disgusting

Anonymous said...

Visit a political chat room on PalTalk any day of the week and you will hear the term Zio-Nazi screamed at anyone who proudly proclaims him/herself to be a Zionist. In fact, just mentioning that Israel has a right to exist will get you that treatment. Therefore, I am not surprised at the lunacy Eli Wiesel had to endure.

However, I have a worse fear. The act of walking out of the Durbin II conference by the western powers may be all they feel they have to do to "prove" they are not antisemitic while they continue to isolate Israel instead of giving the facts a fair hearing. I hear the refrain of "some of my best friends......"