Friday, April 3, 2009

The G-20 From The Anarchists' Perspective


Coverage of their protests nearly overshadowed that of the G-20 Summit in London itself. Demonstrators, many of them identified as anarchists, wanting to bring down the global monetary system and the big banks.

Some declaring that they want to outlaw money (though that begs the question of how they got there).

Some smashed bank windows and attempted to occupy the buildings. They were watched carefully by the police and sometimes there were clashes. Their antics have put them on the watch lists of various terrorist tracking organizations. But are they really terrorists? And if the demonstrations were organized, how could they be anarchists?

Joining us today to answer these and other burning questions about anarchists and the monetary mess the world is in on News Talk Online on is Eric Laursen, a long-time global justice and antiwar activist who has contributed to and helped organize protests against the IMF and World Bank, the Free Trade Area of the Americas and the World Trade Organization.

He also is a political and financial journalist who has written extensively on such issues as poverty, global trade and the financial markets. He recently completed a history of Social Security in the United States.

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