Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gary's News Feed Updates

There are seven new updates on this morning's news feed that I thought you might find interesting and might spark conversation and debate on Paltalk. You can subscribe to the news feed on the right or by going to THIS LINK.

Feel free to comment on any or all of the stories here as well.

In another "one for the good guys" operation, NATO troops answering a freighter's distress call chased the pirates that were attacking the ship to a trawler where they found and released 20 fishermen who had been held for six days. Unfortunately, because of the way this all went down, they had to release the pirates. But this shows that there's a multinational coordinate effort to make life difficult for the pirates.

The news is not so good from Iran where a freelance journalist who was due to come home to the United States soon was convicted of spying. President Obama has stretched out his hand to Tehran. This would be a good time to see whether this diplomatic approach is working. The White House should demand her release.

Speaking of Iran, the Times of London reports that the Israeli Air Force is ready to attack Iran's nuclear facility within hours of getting the green light from the new government there. Many people, myself included, have said, the overtures by the United States, the UN and the EU to pressure Iran to abandon its nuclear weapons program are fine. But in the end, if sanctions and diplomacy fail, Israel must do what is necessary to protect itself, and by extension the region and the rest of the world, from Tehran's nuclear lunacy.

I tossed in a story today about Sharia Law being adopted in Somalia. A gun, both politically and figuratively, had been placed at the government's head to adopt Sharia Law. This will likely mean that the movements of women in that otherwise lawless nation will be severely restricted. Where are the women's rights activists when it comes to the loss of freedoms like this in the name of religion?

There's been a lot of hysteria surrounding legislation which would expand volunteerism in the United States. Some people have actually gone so far as to describe it at Obama's brown shirts, an obvious comparison to the Hitler Youth movement in Nazi Germany. But this essay I found argues that the concerns are much about nothing.

A gay military group has been formed to eliminate the U.S. armed forces policy of Don't Ask Don't Tell, which it argues actually encourages members of the service to lie about their sexual orientation. They want to take this out of the closet and make it to OK to be openly gay in the military.

And finally, I've added a story about a dead man who was packed in ice while legal and logistical arrangements could be made to harvest his sperm to impregnate his fiancee. What are the moral implications of this?

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Anonymous said...

The Iranians should release that beautiful young reporter.

She was initially picked up for buying wine. What a great society they have under the mullahs :(

Anonymous said...

I've heard of donating sperm when you're alive. But after you're dead?

Isn't there a bit of a contradiction here? I do wonder what the theists have to say about this.