Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How Paltalk Could Have Prevented The G-20 Riots

The news alert from 1010 WINS was delivered to my cellphone just a few minutes ago:

"G-20 protesters in downtown London have smashed windows and entered the Bank of Scotland Building."

I know hind sight is G-20-20 - but this could have all been avoided had the summit leaders just downloaded Paltalk onto their computers. I'm not kidding.

Instead of paying the expense of traveling to London. Instead of having to pay tons of overtime to cops and security forces to try to keep the summit secure. They could have all met on Paltalk.

Some of the meetings could have been held in public rooms, providing a degree of transparency and outreach to the global community in a way that's never been experienced.

Private meetings could have been held in secure private rooms on Paltalk.

As the largest multi-media interactive program on the Internet with more than 4 million unique users, Paltalk is the best forum for such an important high-level gathering of world leaders.

Not only would it have saved God-only-knows how many 10s of thousands of dollars during the very same recession they're gathering to try to solve, but it would have kept the world leaders, and the London infrastructure safe.

Well, I bet my bosses at Paltalk would have even donated the necessary virtual auditoriums and bandwidth as a public service. Our way of contributing to the cause of restoring economic stability to the world.

And by the way, even the protesters would have benefitted. They could have opened rooms on Paltalk where they could, from anywhere in the world, log in and protest the G-20 if they like. Without having gone through the cost of traveling to London and facing injury in the mayhem or arrest.

Barack Obama is said to be the most Internet savvy president of all time. He should really consider utilizing Paltalk for the next summit. Or for the next time he wants to talk directly to the American people. Because on Patalk, his constituents can immediately talk back to the president. He says he wants to stay in touch with the people who elected him to serve. Well, Paltalk is the way to do it.

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Consumer Kim said...

YOu need to send this to Obama. Invite him on Paltalk. I will definitely log on for that!!!!

Dani said...

I agree completely Gary, economically, most countries are trying to reduce unnecessary expenditure, it would be safe and it would be inclusive to the global community.
Something perhaps your tech savvy President should consider for his public addresses indeed also!
I have found with "twitter" a lot of our Australia Politicians are getting on board, it has been a fantastic way to give immediate response and feedback to them and they also respond back.
In this day and age thinking outside the square and utilising the fantastic resources we have to keep in touch is certainly the way to go not just for us plebs but our global world leaders.

Edward Clement Isabella said...

Shameless, Gary. Anything for a plug...

MIchelle said...

gary i think its time to speak to the pres!...brillant gary..and ppl could of even had a room for breaking windows...
:) michelle..

Anonymous said...

I find it really sad people feel the need to destroy property to get a point across.BTW what was their point? Where do those protesters think the money for repair is going to come from? I can't recall the last time NYC subways were closed because of a bomb threat, or the last time Washington DC was smashed to bits when there was a summit of world leaders. This is shameful on their part.
Gary is right Paltalk could have handled it, right before some angry Britt hacked pal and crashed the system LOL, just joking, dont smash my windows! plz!
Gary, there is no such thing as a shameful plug... business is business... go for it! Paltalk, paltalk, paltalk (chanting) :)

Anonymous said...

Gary, very interesting idea! However these leaders want photo ops for their citizens!!

In today's economy, a conference through Paltalk on the internet makes alot of sense in many ways. And since Obama is internet savy, he might just get interested and try it, Make a sales pitch to Washington! Just might be productive. Jamie_38

nancy bas mo 3agram said...

Gary, that's a great idea, true, if they just met on Paltalk they could've prevented expenses
of traveling and could've saved a lot of time and had security spend their time on better things.
Bottom line is, they are going to have the same result if they just would've met online. I love your idea Gary...Go Gary!!
And for the protesters, they could protest without hurting themselves or others, unless of course, they get a bit carried away...

Doug said...

Hey Gary, there really was no rioting, April fools!! I never have understood what rioters hope to accomplish as we all already know many people are terribly unhappy with how things are going lately. Breaking windows only shows that there are some unstable people that are also upset. Good idea on net meeting to save resources!